Teacession Tumblr Blog by Neal Rauhauser; 2011

Neal ran multiple Twitter accounts. Here he is as @OccupytheHouse tweeting to himself as @Teacession

 He later changed @Teacession to @AnonWolfrune.

Occupy The House ‏@OccupytheHouse 22 Sep 2011

@ParadiseGray It’s a #teacession 🙂

Dana Dillon ‏@dlwdillon 11 Sep 2011

RT @Teacession: #ConnectTheLeft http://teacession.tumblr.com/post/10083144574/this-graph-couldnt-be-more-clear-clinton-made … I make short, simple Tumblrs /w graphs & pics about #teacession.

Occupy The House ‏@OccupytheHouse 10 Sep 2011

@teacession good to see you out & about. You gonna make #teacession a household tag?

Occupy The House ‏@OccupytheHouse 9 Sep 2011

@Teacession has good stuff on #teaparty & #econ – could stand to be a little more regular #Ahem #teacession

The Teacession Tumblr Blog is gone now but I did save the following before Neal deleted the blog.

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