The 24 Faces of RJ Sterling. 24 Twitter Accounts to Harass the Left andRight

RJ Sterling has a reputation, earned over several years, as a stalker and a chronic fanboy of other men such as @Shoq, @OsborneInk and @NealRauhauser. 

Participating in the smear campaign against UniteBlue and with a reputation for harassing women, Sterling uses two smart phones to operate multiple accounts. Despite an untold number of reports to Twitter, RJ continues his harassment.

Here RJ cross tweets on 7 of his accounts:

RJ currently has 24 accounts on Twitter.

Here we’ve got a page with feeds of these accounts; notice the ones he uses to harass his obsession of many years @DailyDriveler, and his latest victim, @MissMollly :


Mameshiba BeanDog Accounts

Impersonations of DailyDriveler

Impersonation of AngryBlackLady

Accounts Impersonating MissMollly

With so many socks, RJ did manage to join UniteBlue even though he had helped smear it in the past. He was kicked out and was quite butthurt about it.

It should be noted that RJ has a criminal record Rj Sterling’s arrest