Warning About Joseph Camp via 5hm00p; May 2014

I just got word that his sentencing is Tuesday, and he’s going to he served 5 months and when he’s out he’s free to do as he pleases. I myself don’t believe this is someone who belongs in a normal functioning society, therefore a few of us have started a campaign to get him some sort of supervision when he is released. How can you help? Simple….write to:

US Parole Officer George Martin
100 State St.
Rochester, NY 14614


you can reach him by phone at (585) 666-5901

and tell him about your encounter with this maniac. The last thing we want is him around again harassing people for Sue Basko (don’t worry, disbar comin) again and invading people’s lives and their privacy. This is your chance to put a completely horrible human being away and hopefully make him learn his lesson.