Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline; Blogpost by Neal Rauhauser; July19th 2013

It’s amusing to see Neal complain about other people lying to him

Project VIGILANT Intrusion Timeline

Chet Uber used to repeat this mantra on a regular basis. This is about the difference between evidence, which is admissible, and intelligence, which is actionable.

What do you know? What do you think you know? What can you prove?

01. What Do You Know?

This is about information credibility. I know those of you who read here regularly already have a copy of Field Manual Interim 2-22.9 handy, let’s turn to Page 4-11 and examine Table 4-3. My files are mostly Code 1 – reliable. I see something interesting, I save it in an immutable fashion with a date and time stamp. HOWEVER … the problem is that the underlying sources are often themselves not reliable. Get Kelly Hallissey on the phone and deception, misinformation, and improbable nonsense are the rule of the day. Stated another way, I will whip up a log file or fake a screen shot for the sake of fun, but I would never put such a thing into my archive.

Information Quality

Let’s turn back a page to Table 4-2 Source Reliability. There are a group of people who lie to me every single time I interact with them. They’re all busy trying to burn each other and drag me into their drama, so why would I even acknowledge them? That’s easy – take what is said, don’t take it seriously, put it on a timeline. You can tell who talks to who, you can narrow time ranges for events, you can learn about what is being concealed. Best of all, when one of them tries to burn another, the victim might approach me and provide all sorts of additional information.

Source Reliability

02. What Do You Think You Know?

This is about inference. I have a bunch of stuff I have saved with date and time stamps. I put that on a timeline. What can I deduce from the order of which a piece of information (or disinformation) moved? I pull the most common mentions out of a couple of hundred thousand tweets and place them on a Gephi graph. Do I recognize every persona in the mix? I put those tweets into SplunkStorm so they’re searchable. What can I find with indexed, time sorted text that I would have missed by attempting to follow the doings of so many accounts?

Generally speaking, there are two good methods to getting on my radar. You can lie about me, or if you are somewhat foolhardy, you can lie directly to me. Commit a crime with the intention of framing me for it? Oh dear, you will not enjoy the level of attention and methods I employ against problems like this.

03. What Can You Prove?

This is about admissibility. Yesterday’s #triforce log 2012-11-20 is admissible. I collected it myself, I turned it in because I was tired of a group of people who lie both about me and to me, and I guess if it matters I’ll turn up, get sworn in, and testify that I had that conversation on that date.

This is the area where untrained people and compulsive game players screw up really, really badly. People cherry pick information – this is a constitutional fault of those with delusions – they simply aren’t wired to accept a body of evidence which disproves some paranoid theory they hold dear. Drama junkies who need a fix will do amazingly self destructive things, dumping information on an actual crime and spiting those investigating it in the process, just to service their need to keep their brain chemistry in a certain dysfunctional range. Even those with a legitimate desire to understand complex situations make serious errors, most typically assuming that what information is available to them is sufficient to create an accurate narrative.

04. This being said, what the hell happened to Project VIGILANT over the last twelve months?

If you can stand the broad spectrum crazy there is actually a lot of interesting information on Project VIGILANT available on @ronbryn‘s aptly named Hackers And Fake Newz. I have never sorted out precisely what happened here, but information on people who left PV under unhappy circumstances started to accumulate in Ron’s possession some time in late 2011 or early 2012, and he wrote about them. Everything he had came after my exit in December of 2010, but for some reason Chet seems to think I had something to do with this. This is an inference failure on Chet’s part – Ron knew things which I did not, and he did not know things which I did. Whoops.

The other public source of information on people and events was this blog, prior to a big housecleaning in early December. If you didn’t save the whole set of working notes for the book I have decided I am not going to write … well … you’ll just have to trust me on this next bit.

Here is what I think I know about the Project VIGILANT intrusion:

  • Neal talks to Kelly Hallissey, viewing her as somewhat trustworthy (7/2012 – 9/2012)
  • Chet talks to Tom Ryan, gets wire tapped (9/2012)
  • Chet gives Michelle the crazy cat lady a PV portal login (fall 2012)
  • Neal continues to interact with Kelly & Co., suspicion high (9/2012 – 12/2012)
  • Federal lawsuit discovery arrives (10/26/2012)
  • Letter to Dallas DOJ Office of the Inspector General (11/8/2012)
  • Long talk with agent, mostly about PV (11/9/2012)
  • #triforce log collected (11/20/2012)
  • Cease & desist hypertrolling letter from FBI (11/29/2012)
  • Federal lawsuit dismissed with prejudice (12/4/2012)
  • Detected using RiseUp VPN. Whoops (12/4/2012)
  • Baited /w fake name & location on crazy Michelle. Information not credible (12/12/2012)
  • Given name of source of fake info, it’s one of @th3j35t3r members. (12/15/2012)
  • Resignation from RiseUp finalized (12/13/2012)
  • Alpha male beandog Sam @methadonna Birbek displays knowledge of contents of PV dump (12/26/2012? 1/5/2013? Will have to check logs)
  • Project VIGILANT dump appears on @Par_AnoIA‘s site, labeled as ‘#jesters’, which confuses me for quite a while (1/7/2013)
  • @AnonymousIRC subtweets indicate Jen Emick is being credited at least in part with producing the PV dump. (1/7/2013 – 1/20/2013)
  • @Par_AnoIA admits servers offline due to subpoena. (3/27/2013)
  • @Pythorian names seven of @th3j353r, I can ID six of them by name (4/6/2013)
  • Enormous burst of faggotry /w RiseUp VPN, much finger pointing at me (6/2013)
  • Quietly demonstrate to LE that I stopped using RiseUp six months ago (6/18/2013)
  • RiseUp faggotry terminated /w prejudice, Sean Tompkins fingered as source. (7/9/2013?)
  • @joepie91 admits being raided in Netherlands, unnamed U.S. agency is behind this. I think this is an effort to identify @Par_AnoIA people (7/12/2013)
  • @joepie91 raid leads me to publish Ending th3j35t3r’s Private War Against Pretty Much Everybody (released 7/12/2013, details of 7/9/2012 attack on @th3j35t3r)
  • 05. The big pictureConfusing, isn’t it? It will help to put this in a larger context. Some of what I am saying here is inference, time frames are relatively open.

    • Robert Stacy McCain’s hate group wipes out any real information about me starting 9/2010, ensures by their behavior that no one who really knows me will ever speak to anyone from the right
    • Aaron Barr mouths off about Anonymous, LulzSec whoops his ass (2/2011)
    • Neal and Project PM both analyze HBGary email, Neal’s white paper circulates on Capitol Hill (4/2011)
    • Barrett Brown given a copy of Neal’s paper (5/2011)
    • Neal calls every target HBGary emails named, meets Brett Kimberlin due to this (5/2011?)
    • Anthony Weiner stalk & smear nearly derailed (6/2011)
    • No real info about me, so derps assume I still work for Project VIGILANT (2011 – 9/2012)
    • Chet Uber approached, wire tapped, PV portal intrusion (fall 2012)
    • DOJ OIG gets a nice letter, losers trying to frame me miss the implications (11/2012)
    • Derps /w access to @th3j35t3r‘s casefiles give them to @Par_AnoIA (12/2012)
    • Project VIGILANT intrusion includes violations of 18 USC § 912, 18 USC § 1030, 18 USC § 2511
    • 18 USC § 912 violation is crazy Michelle calling former DOJ cybercrimes division head, posing as FBI agent. Whoops
    • Social engineering efforts get additional retards to attempt to frame me, background plus OIG letter plus good records mean they are just putting themselves on the radar for investigators
    • @Par_AnoIA subpoena, @Pythorian outing @th3j35t3r, then @joepie91 raid coupled with other activity such as stuff with Duhnonymous And The Seven Derpscan be easily summarized: Federal Cybercrime Task Force

    06. The Final Word

    Everyone from HBGary to @th3j35t3r to @UniteBlue, which appears to be an NRA funded effort against lefty grassroots, think they can infiltrate, intimidate and manipulate any social group they choose. They’re running into a lot of troubles.

    Alinksy’s Rules For Radicals was widely read by the right, but they have a structural defect in their movement which made this backfire horribly: they have so many crazy people around that they form and run their own operations, sabotaging things that might have otherwise worked. The PV intrusion is a powerful lesson – paranoid, delusional Israel firsters hit an organization with leadership that’s largely Jewish, including invading a system owned by a former trustee for AIPAC’s lobbying operation. And they thought they had the Muslim Brotherhood cornered.

    The last time the United States had COINTELPRO society and communications were dramatically different. America was just starting to offshore manual labor jobs at that time. Now we’re over a decade into the offshoring of professional work requiring an education. There are large numbers of people used to managing capital and processes who are sitting at home trying to figure out what to do next, and they won’t blame Mexicans or taxes for their troubles. Throw a few hackers into the mix and you’ve got a hardened, reactive, distributed target. Bother any one of them, like Rush Limbaugh did with Sandra Fluke, and you might end up facing the wrath of all of them.

    If you take a social media poll on this stuff you will hear the phrase “FBI corruption”. What this means is that crazy Michelle fed Chet Uber some junk, Tom Ryan recorded him repeating it, and this is supposed to add up to an indictment for me. An FBI agent did call my former business partner in late 2012, asking questions about Chet’s overall health and cognitive function during the five weeks he lived with us at the end of 2010, and that was pretty much the end of the investigation.

    Crazy Michelle’s specific malfunction is paranoia coupled with delusions of persecution. Delusions are defined as the inability to discard an incorrect view when presented with superior evidence to the contrary. She has long ranted about a “government enemies list”, an idea which various political operatives have fostered in order to keep her harassing me, and which I recently weaponized with a troll I called “The Fuckery Files”. She would be a fringe figure on the margins if she were a lefty, but the structural defects of the right have repeatedly put her in the middle of the action, where just a bit of social engineering turns her into hand grenade with the pin pulled. She gets passed around but quickly wears out her welcome, then someone slips and pays a terrible price for having trusted her with anything.

    Not sure what else to say here, I’m going to just keep waiting and watching PACER for indictments. And if I’m really lucky someone will send me a name and service address for the New Jersey crazy lady, which I will simply store until this whole federal cybercrime task force business plays out …

    If anyone has questions I have started a discussion in the Aurora Cyberconflict Research Group.

    Aurora Discussion Of This Article