Shoq Speaks; Popcorn and Potatoes

I remember when I started Twitter at the end of 2012 I saw @Shoq’s account. I googled him and read some of his arrogant, misogynistic tweets. He was the first person I ever blocked.  

Shoq was one of the people who kept Bill Talley’s Child Porn charges secret. He was a writer on the smear blog UniteThis and his misogyny is legendary.

As a member of StopRush, Shoq was the genius who brought Randy Hahn (aka Jason Wade Taylor) into the group then hired Neal Rauhauser to investigate which ended in a wiretapping scandal. Just how involved he’s been with Rauhauser since is unknown but if you look back at the controversies on the Left side of the political spectrum on Twitter for the past couple years, you’ll see Shoq involved somewhere.

Along with the rest of the cabal.

Note how Mr Edelstein attempts to get a list of who is in the Troll Free Private Chatroom of LibCrib?                

So it isn’t. Did you come down with a common sense flu, or what? RT @reddroostermann: @Shoq can’t you see this isn’t a unite blue account

@Shoq I don’t discount the value of Unite Blue & my private account is still a member . So many of my friends took a negative position on it

.@reddroostermann Maybe if so many of your friends took a negative position on #UniteBlue, there was a reason? Just a thought.

@Shoq everyone is entitled to their own opinion it’s that lib entitlement thing .

@reddroostermann I guess I missed what you think UB is contributing, besides ugly avatars and inflated follower counts.

@Shoq the #LibCrib is also a private troll free chatroom

.@reddroostermann Perhaps if they, and their fearless leader apologized for all that abuse, may progressives would take note. No breath held

@Shoq one of those that opposed you is now in jail lol

@reddroostermann That Zile trezo psychopath and his pals edieVP & other green sycophants were always blubbering about that chat room

@Shoq I do have 2 point out having Suzanne Munshower or whatever her name is doesnt’ help your side on this .

.@reddroostermann @expatina? An accomplished author who was insulted for her age, looks and gender, relentlessly for over a year? Seriously?

@Shoq @expatina I never insulted & in fact shrugged off repeated insults from her .Shoq even I have my limits tho I’m no punching bag


At least you were respectful of dissent from the start. Unlike those other pugnacious tools like Cowart, et al.


it’s crucial for success ,just having a bunch of yes men doesn’t behoove anyone