Who Whacked ZAPEM; Nov 1, 2012 Deleted Neal Rauhauser Blog

Who Whacked ZAPEM; Nov 1, 2012 Deleted Neal Rauhauser Blog

Who Whacked @ZAPEM?
My cell started blowing up twenty minutes ago and I finally got up to see what the big deal was.

@ZAPEM is suspended!!

I admitted to going after her in 100 Minutes, 30 Well Founded Complaints two weeks ago.

Twitter kicked back one complaint immediately. Four days later another dozen came back in a batch. There were many more than the thirty I showed here – 520 of her last 3,200 tweets mentioned me by name, and at least half of the rest were implicitly about harassing me or my associates.

What are the possible explanations for this?

1.) A flood of complaints and someone actually read her timeline, said ewww, and swung the banhammer.

2.) The Fascinating Document Dump At Patriot Ombudsman reveals that @AnonKitsu was working with ZAP and Mike Stack to track me. I first mentioned him as in An Old Mystery: AnonKitsu on October 21 and again in Steers & Queers Revisited, where I reveal that he’s a San Antonio resident. Definitely a ‘he’, we talked once just over a year ago and he pegged my snitch meter on the first call. So maybe some hive member dealt the fatal blow as a warm up to housecleaning.

Here’s his most recent tweet.

3.) ZAP has been involved in all sorts of conversation with Anonymous chew toy Jen Emick. That alone paints a bullseye on her and anyone around her.

4.) ZAP is nuts, but Future Former Private Detective Jeffrey Joy is not. He was in hot water for threatening Brooks Bayne, and with the document dump it might have become clear to him that the potential for federal heat is very high, so he impressed on her the need to self-suspend.

5.) Some other factor I have missed completely led to this.

Is this a take-out or an opt-out? Watch her associates, see how they respond.

Is this temporary or permanent? Watch her associates, see how they respond.

My money is on take-out and temporary. She’s been crazy obsessed about me for two years, nobody is going to talk her down, and she won’t stay away, she’ll hound Twitter, and if that doesn’t work she’ll reincarnate, but she’ll get spotted right away due to her obsession with me.

It is a bit shocking to me, but this administrative suspension of a social media account has produced about as much notification as I received when Andrew Breitbart died(!)

And best of all, @ronbryn is back in the saddle this morning, too. I will undoubtedly begin berating him again shortly, but for the moment I am pleased to see his funny face again illuminating the Twitterverse.