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1400 tweets by EmeraldCityJazz; Deleted Pastebin Sep 26-Oct 17, 2013

These tweets are from pastebin, they were from the emeraldcityjazz twitter account of Lora Lusher before is was suspended.It’s absolutely astounding how much time she spends tweeting about Kate Gosselin and her supporters. 1400 tweets by EmeraldCityJazz Sep 26-Oct 17 @bitemeaholes @Support #Kateplusmy8 They have extremely limited vocabularies. Uneducated. Fri Oct 18 02:08:32 +0000 2013 @bitemeaholes @ANONYMOUSE_CAT @hatinglife1979 @Clever_Name2010 Chancer

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Neal Rauhauser and K8 H8er Tweets; October 11, 2013

Neal does love his little intrigues @NealRauhauser I am curious if Kate Gosselin might also be a Lexicon customer. But since @EmeraldCityJazz obsessively monitors her mentions … @NealRauhauser @EmeraldCityJazz Lexicon PR handles Bullyville, Becca Tobin, I wonder if KG also, and if so they have a hand in the lawsuit famefagging. @EmeraldCityJazz @NealRauhauser Ah, I see. Thanks! @ashymama2 @NealRauhauser @EmeraldCityJazz

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Neal Rauhauser SWATlite Call On Jen Emick; Oct 11, 2012

Neal has said several times that he’s innocent, that he’s been framed, that other people do bad things and sign his name….Right.  Neal has a history of contacting police and asking them to do a “Health and Welfare Check” on people he doesn’t like.  He doesn’t do this because he’s actually concerned, it’s a way to harass and intimidate his victim.

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Ron Brynaert Grills Adrian Lamo About Rauhauser and Project Vigilant; July, 2012

Ron’s interview style is to suddenly appear on your Twitter timeline with questions and if you don’t give him immediate answers he gets nasty. Adrián Lamo ‏@6 9 Jul 2012 @ronbryn Is there a particular reason you’re not represented by counsel? Ron Brynaert‏@ronbryn 9 Jul 2012 Why do I need counsel or lawyer or attorney when I’ve never broken any

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Ron Brynaert Suggests Adrian Lamo Hacked Bradley Manning? July 9th, 2012

Ronald is very partial to conspiracy theories.  Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 9 Jul 2012 I apologize to Adrian Lamo @6 if he also suggests I suggested he killed Colonel Mustard with a candlestick and I’m blocked from reading it Adrián Lamo ‏@6 9 Jul 2012 @ronbryn You’re not ignorant of laying groundwork that leads to only one conclusion, and then denying

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