Zapem as Kamira the Obama Birther, 2008

Zapem was a birther, back in 2008 you could find her in various guises on birther sites throughout the web, usually promoting her own site which was (now closed).

FYI: eventually changed it’s name to forumotion where she now has the Zandali forum.

You can find the original Kamira comment here


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OBAMA Lawsuits – New Site

« on: November 17, 2008, 08:49:29 PM »

There’s a consolidated website now that is featuring all the lawsuits being filed contesting the eligibility of Barack Obama for President of the United States.

Included is the new Alan Keyes suit, the continuing Supreme Court case by Leo C. Donofrio and the rejected for standing Berg case.

The main portal of the site is here and features the Donofrio blog and other info:

The forum portion of the site (requires separate registration) is at:

Just posted was this radio announcement:


Tonight’s guest:
Hours One & Two: Tom Hoefling – The chairman of America’s Independent Party National Committee and the Alan Keyes for President 2008 committee joins Overnight AM beginning at 9:10 PM CST to talk about the Keyes Lawsuit, the state of our nation & Barack Obama -‘ Marxist’ for two hours, perhaps three. Don’t miss it! Tell everyone! – DONATE TO AMERICA’S INDEPENDENT PARTY NOW!

Hour Three: Prosecuting Attorney – Orly Taitz DDS Esq – Has filed a new lawsuit against Barack H. Obama Court Docket #34-2008-80000096-cu-wm-gds. Keyes VS Bowen – Gary Kreep – President of U.S. Institute for Justice Constitutional Attorney. Email your Electors, Senators, State Attorney Generals, FBI, US Attoney General – a copy of the PDF Court Document. The goal is to get this lawsuit in the hands of EVERYONE!

Java Live Listen:

Media Setups:


If you look, you’ll see that Gary Kreep is the attorney listed for Alan Keyes.  I’m not sure who else will be with him but this should be good.  Alan Keyes certainly DOES have standing and can’t be rejected like Berg was in his case.

There’s also a previous radio stream of Donofrio on a past broadcast.

This would be a good place to get involved as it seems it just started up today.