Ron Brynaert Grills Adrian Lamo About Rauhauser and Project Vigilant; July, 2012

Ron’s interview style is to suddenly appear on your Twitter timeline with questions and if you don’t give him immediate answers he gets nasty.

@ronbryn Is there a particular reason you’re not represented by counsel?

Why do I need counsel or lawyer or attorney when I’ve never broken any law? Unlike you, hacker. Are you talking to Neal Rauhauser, now? @6

    Is that a dumb question ? Did you check your email account to make sure that Rauhauser wasn’t cc’d on conversations you didn’t realize? @6

      @ronbryn …. exception of replies to queries concerning him from third-parties, spurred by this kind of inquiry.

        Answer question specifically. Did you ever search your email records to make sure Rauhauser wasn’t cc’d or are you working from memory? @6

        @ronbryn After a search, it appears my NDA prevents me from confirming or denying whether any party has been CC’d on any PV e-mail.

          So does that mean your prior tweets disassociating yourself with implausible deniability to @NealRauhauser were just crack-induced lies? @6

          You already denied getting emails “concerning or addressed to” Rauhauser so you either lied or broke your alleged Project Vigilant NDA @6

            @ronbryn That statement was based on general memory. A statement based on PV records would invoke the NDA, because those are confidential.

              When you tweeted”after a search” do you mean “a search” through your NDA or “a search” through your email records for Rauhauser cc’s? @6

              Are you seriously suggesting your alleged Project Vigilant NDA allows you to answer questions as long as you, um, remember the answers? @6

              @ronbryn (I learned that trick from you, about an hour ago.)

              @ronbryn I do appreciate being a part of your rich history of demanding private information, and implying wrongdoing when you don’t get it.

              @ronbryn In fact, you could pretty much substitute any of a dozen other Twitter handles for mine in this interaction.

              Are u dumb or drunk? You just tweeted your “statement was based on general memory. A statement based on PV records would invoke the NDA” @6

                @ronbryn How about your other pending court cases, and your interactions with the NYPD? I mean, if nothing’s secret unless you’re evil.

                  If you have big scoop on me, report it, bub. You just proved yourself to be a liar and you ducked questions about @NealRauhauser again. @6

                  @ronbryn You’d have to be notable before anything about your personal life was newsworthy, sports fan.

                  @ronbryn I have responded *accurately* to all your questions. Failing to satisfy you isn’t dishonesty. If you have more, send them to PV.