Ron Brynaert Suggests Adrian Lamo Hacked Bradley Manning? July 9th, 2012

Ronald is very partial to conspiracy theories.

I apologize to Adrian Lamo @6 if he also suggests I suggested he killed Colonel Mustard with a candlestick and I’m blocked from reading it

@ronbryn You’re not ignorant of laying groundwork that leads to only one conclusion, and then denying you ever *said* what you *meant*.

Do I suggest that you may have helped Rauhauser and/or Chet Uber spread a hoax or hack? Hell, yes, I certainly think it’s possible. @6

4:33 PM – 9 Jul 2012

    @ronbryn The inconsistency of your statements is better than any reply I could give. Kudos for mastering that kind of writing.

      I suggested there are multiple conclusions while you keep twisting my words around to say I’m saying 1 that you manipulate into nonsense @6

        @ronbryn @6 What would be the motive for this hoax?

          @ronbryn OK. Who are my (our?) political masters, how’d we create the hoax of the century, and fool the entire intelligence community too?

          That’s exactly what I tweeted. I also blamed you for Bigfoot, Bermuda’s Triangle, Speedway bombings & the gap in @NealRauhauser‘s teeth. @6

          @ronbryn You can deny anything when you focus on explaining what you don’t say at the expense of actually saying anything you’ll back.

          @6 Ron thinks anyone vaguely associated with ‘hacking’ secretly belongs to a conspiracy led by Rauhauser.

          @AsherahResearch @6 Hackers are evil, didn’t you know this?!

            @PashaPasta Yup. They caused WW2 AND the Irish potato famine! @6

              @PashaPasta @asherahresearch @6 Erm, no. Bankers are evil. Politicians are evil. Kittens with braces are evil… well, maybe just freaky.

              @Stardragonca Yeah can’t help noticing @ronbryn ignored that question. Why would Rauhauser, @6 or anyone else want to frame Manning?