Timeline, Rauhauser Raincoaster Blog Post; NOVEMBER 3, 2012

The following is a post written by Neal on the Raincoaster Tumbler blog. It lists many of his favorite conspiracies. I’ve left his links to other posts active though I think they’ve all been deleted. 



If you look in Meet The Cast you will find that this is a blog about people. Each has a ‘home group’, a long standing circle of associates. A few have multiple memberships and in those cases we muddle through as best we can.

There are a lot of events listed here, anything from a single tweet that happened at a specific time, to a conspiracy theory or federal grand jury investigation, some of which span the entire 2010 – 2012 timeframe this site covers. There is a lot of implicit time information in the posts about events. This is insufficient for a busy FBI agent or an attorney I would like to take a civil case on contingency, so at the beginning of November I began creating explicit timeline posts for certain long running events.

Each timeline post will be placed in the timeline category when I create them. When they are sufficiently polished and others have had a chance to look them over, they’ll get promoted to this page.

Timeline O’ Timelines (2010 – 2012) is the top level directory of events. If you are completely lost this might be a good thing to read first.

The Downfall Of Aaron Walker Timeline (9/2011 – 11/2012) focuses on events involving Walker’s tumble from America’s foremost Islamophobic stick figure cartoonist to the most hated conservative blogger in the country.

Pornwikileaks Stupidity (3/2011 – 7/2011) – I debunk the idea I was involved in any way with this porn industry intrusion after the guys involved in Weinergate started pushing this idea. More and more it seems like they might be the culprits behind this.

Kookpocalypse Konfirmation (1/2012 – 11/2012) – the Kookpocalypse Kountdown began in late January 2012 and ended with the release of the Breitbart ISR Cell document on February 6th, the one year anniversary of the HBGary intrusion. I thought this was over until the discovery for the Aaron Walker frivolous lawsuit arrived – they really WERE trying to be Team Themis, but all they had to work with were some scrubs on psych disability. Whoops …

Harassment Via @CryingWolfeBlog Timeline (11/2011 – 1/2012) – 44 blog posts by Mike Stack collected during the same December 2011/January 2012 timeframe. This is the public side which matches the discovery information revealed in Aaron Walker’s frivolous suit.

One Long, Game Changing Day – this was the day I found out about some of the content in the Aaron Walker lawsuit discovery.

IndictRauhauser Timeline – this is part of the Team Dumbass stuff revealed in the Kookpocalypse, a smear that ran from around March 1st to May 20th. This is probably a ‘tell’, if there is a criminal case or a civil suit we may find the back channel, just as we found the back channel/public side of their efforts during December 2011 and January 2012.

Breitbart LLC Corporate Culpability – Breitbart staffer Mandy Nagy played a key role in organizing the smear of me revealed by Aaron Walker‘s frivolous suit. She was a paid staffer, but at some point she was moved to a per piece arrangement. I would like to know when that happened – it matters in terms of their corporate liability.

Swatgate False Report Timeline (6/2011 – 6/2012) – a tight exposition on each of the four alleged false reports with a political motivation, one paragraph each, then a few more paragraphs that plug a pair of rabbit holes the perpetrators have been trying to introduce to obfuscate the real story.

Disempowering Jen Emick (10/8/2012 – 11/2/2012) – a series of informational reports to law enforcement and one health & welfare check over a twenty five day period were used to put an end to this freak of nature using LE as her personal army.

Pat Frey Weinergate Timeline – a dissection of the events on Pat Frey’s personal blog between June 7th and June 30th, 2011, contributed last summer and just made public now.

Barrett Brown & Pat Frey Chat Timeline provides links to the four chat logs, their dates of release, makes an attempt at actually dating the log contents, and I provide a link to a post that clarifies the content of the most interesting of the four.

DailyKos Posts On Patterico Timeline – I learned of Frey’s long time harassment of Brett Kimberlin via his proxy, Seth Allen, over the 2011 4th of July holiday. Seven posts over the following twenty four days caused Frey to go to extraordinary lengths to silence me, engineering my banishment from DailyKos.