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Ron Brynaert Argues With Adrian Lamo…Again Aug 31, 2012

Ronald uses his unique interrogation and investigative skills to have a discussion with Adrian Lamo. Ron Brynaert ‏@ronbryn 31 Aug 2012 That’s why I’m asking. @Ali @Stranahan @RSMcCain duck and smear when asked simple questions. So do Neal, @BarrettBrownLOL etc @brandondarby Adrián Lamo ‏@6 31 Aug 2012 @ronbryn No comment on your present claim, but your ‘simple questions’ often rely

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SwiftRead Retweets An Angry Zapem, 2010

Patrick Read and Zapem had a major tiff about their little Twittergate conspiracy, trying to place the blame for why major media wasn’t interested in the goofy result of their investigation.No matter how dramatically they tried to spin it, their huge Twittergate conspiracy was really just some people saying some mean things to other people…trolls aren’t big news.SwiftRead has a

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The True History of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser, 2011 Deleted Scribd

This was posted and deleted from Scribd by Neal Rauhauser. The link in the picture is no longer active.This is interesting because it’s the only reference I’ve seen him make to the Super Troll Crew who eventually became the BeanDogs. The True History Of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser It always starts with something like this, eh? I

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UniteBlue Socks; Rauhauser Deleted Fameball Blog Post, July 29, 2013

Neal Rauhauser attempted to make his FameBall graphs into a business. He just wasn’t good enough at creating or interpreting the results. And when Twitter upgraded its API, Neal’s Fameball software no longer worked.The following is from the short lived FameBall wordpress blog. @UniteBlue Socks: Drama, Rage and Lies Posted on July 29, 2013 by bubbles The existence of fameballs

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PoliticolNews Wants To Start A Revolution; March 19, 2012

A defining characteristic of the self righteous and the criminal is to advocate that the ends justify the means. In reality revolutions rarely bring about the desired end. Peter Neisman is not a real person, it’s an alias used by PoliticolNews, a Canadian woman named Teri Salvador. P. Neisman, Editor says: March 19, 2012 at 2:42 am America has been destroyed

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