Scamm3rdarkly Gives Hacking Lessons

This is not the smartest conversation to have publicly.


@scamm3rdarkly hi, I am solomon… How are u?

@sigoslida very well thank you. my name is henry.

@scamm3rdarkly I saw u on here and also ur post and I decided to add you up. I want to learn hw to hack… Can you teach me?


@sigoslida yes i can. are you using windows?


@scamm3rdarkly yes I am.. Are you on bbm?


@sigoslida no i have windows phone. the best tool for learning is mantra browser.


@scamm3rdarkly ok… Is there anyhow we can always talk… Maybe we start frm d scratch and as u teach me u give me assignments…


@scamm3rdarkly should I download d security toolkit and d mantra on chromium?


@sigoslida the sec. kit option is firefox based. the chromium is if you have google chrome os (you have windows) so choose sec. kit.

@scamm3rdarkly so hw are we going to arrange the lessons?

@sigoslida right on twitter’s fine. i don’t do anything illegal.


@scamm3rdarkly ok. So hw do we start? Will u be giving me books to read and maybe assignments?

@sigoslida and this one too.

@sigoslida this is a good forum to join as well. free and no silly business.


@scamm3rdarkly thanks for the forums. So you tell me where do I start from?


@sigoslida the truth is it requires a tremendous amount of reading. is a good place to start.

@scamm3rdarkly I was thinking you would guide me through and also assignments, so I can be as good as you please. …

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