The True History of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser, 2011 Deleted Scribd

This was posted and deleted from Scribd by Neal Rauhauser. The link in the picture is no longer active.

This is interesting because it’s the only reference I’ve seen him make to the Super Troll Crew who eventually became the BeanDogs.

The True History Of Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred For Neal Rauhauser

It always starts with something like this, eh?

I am simply unforgettable.

Intimidation and invasion of privacy, attacking my business.

Christian charity at work …

Brilliant detective work yields a location I vacated 5,927 days ago.

It’s a habit for him …

Mmm, Super Troll Crew is afraid. Not!

This one tracked my Google Voice number to “a cell tower in D.C.” I lived in Illinois at the time. He also deduced that I work for the Center for America Progress, which is quite funny to those who know what I really do for a living.

( The @WingNutWatch concept morphed a few times and now it’s – Twitter’s premier hate speech monitor. )

And then it all started to unwind …

And that’s really all there is to it – a clever, admittedly not as good as the one we did for Newt Gingrich, but a good one, and it all spins out of control from there.