Ron Brynaert Argues With Adrian Lamo…Again Aug 31, 2012

    Ronald Brynaert

    Ronald uses his unique interrogation and investigative skills to have a discussion with Adrian Lamo.

    That’s why I’m asking. @Ali @Stranahan @RSMcCain duck and smear when asked simple questions. So do Neal, @BarrettBrownLOL etc @brandondarby

    @ronbryn No comment on your present claim, but your ‘simple questions’ often rely on complex & unfounded assumptions. cc @brandondarby

    Why does this concern you? @6 Liars claim I’m in a conspiracy with @NealRauhauser but Adrian Lamo actually did work with him. @brandondarby

    @ronbryn @brandondarby And I’m concerned ‘cos every time I see you, you’re trying to imply wrongdoing somehow. Kind of depressing, honestly.

    Adrian, I have better things to do than waste time with a clown who pretends he works for a super secret private spy firm. @6 @brandondarby

    @ronbryn @brandondarby You should really cultivate a thinner skin if you’re gonna make a habit of unfounded arguments. Have a great day.

      Thicker skin, dumbass. I already made you look stupid when you lied about contact with @NealRauhauser Sell wackadoo-ness somewhere else. @6

      @ronbryn That might be true if it’d ever happened, but not memorizing every e-mail I’ve gotten isn’t dishonest. Thanks for noting the typo.

      Mixing up thinner with thicker isn’t a typo. You’e lying about how I caught you lying about checking emails with your pal @NealRauhauser @6

        @ronbryn If you think that’s true, show some guts and write about it someplace reputable where you’ll risk getting fact-checked.

        Nowhere is reputable anymore partly because they fell for hoaxes pushed by clowns like @BarrettBrownLOL @TomRyanBlog Rauhauser and you @6

        Nowhere is reputable anymore partly because they fell for hoaxes pushed by clowns like @BarrettBrownLOL @TomRyanBlog Rauhauser and you @6

          @OccupyUnmasked Personally, I liked the part where I was linked to fomenting war with Iran better. Really much more in sync with the times.

            @OccupyUnmasked The fact that your *cough* author shares a name with a UK screenwriter at “Counter Intelligence Films” is fun.

            @OccupyUnmasked But since you ask, I’ve never set up a “fake IP server”. In fact, I suspect you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who has.

            @OccupyUnmasked that’s a very interesting document. Who gave you that?

            @Anonymousne0 PDF is a fairly uninteresting format. Convert it to text for me?

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