Neal Contacts Dallas Office of the Inspector General; Nov 8th, 2012

After Patrick Frey (Patterico) appeared on KABC to talk about the SWATting of his home, Neal contacts the Office of the Inspector General in Dallas to clear his name.

I understand Neal had to act fast but a conspiracy theory consisting of a right wing takeover of the Dallas FBI field office probably wasn’t the best way to go.

November 8th, 2012 Office Of The Inspector General Letter

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you today regarding an undercover operation being run out of the Dallas FBI field office which appears to have been hijacked by right wing political operatives and politicized.

John Patrick Frey, a Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, visited the Dallas FBI field office on December 23rd, 2011, and the subject of the visit was the need for a ‘supervised sting’ targeting me. We know of this visit due to a massive procedural error on the part of Aaron Walker, a former editor on Frey’s blog,, who filed a frivolous lawsuit against me and two others during the spring of 2012. I have 262 pages of email that show Frey, Walker, Mandy NagyDustin FarahnakDouglas Matthew Stewart, and Michael Stack coordinating a negative PR campaign and what appear to be efforts to fabricate evidence in parallel with the investigation.

Although a county level prosecutor, on the national stage Frey is a bad actor. He has long served as a fixer when the schemes of James O’Keefe go awry and he appears to have been involved in a payback operation aimed at Anthony Weiner in response to the extortion investigation Congressman Michael Grimm faces.

I first noticed Frey in the context of the smear of Anthony Weiner in May of 2011. Weiner was indeed having SMS and Twitter DM exchanges with women, but there was a great deal of fakery in this matter and it all seems to revolve around Frey and those close to him. Frey has a long running effort on his blog known as ‘sock puppet Friday‘, where regular visitors attempt to take up the voice and position of another writer. The skills fostered by this capacity building exercise are often in evidence when Frey has decided to victimize someone.

There were two alleged false police reports in connect with the cleanup after Weiner’s resignation on June 16th, 2011. Mike Stack apparently was subject to a no-knock raid on June 23rd, 2011. Frey claims to have had a similar experience on June 30th, 2011, but the story has changed several times as interested parties press for more details. Frey paid an audio forensic expert in an attempt to frame Ron Brynaert, a mentally ill former journalist. I have produced a tidy timeline of the four relevant Swatgate events.

A Progressive activist produced a video comparing the voice of the false report caller to a man named Brandon Darby, which was released on June 16th, 2012. Darby has a business partnership with Lee Stranahan, a former editor for Frey’s blog, who was ejected July 1st, less than 24 hours after Frey’s alleged false report. We have long suspected that Frey was unaware of what they did to Mike Stack, they targeted him, and then sought to engage him in a cover up after the fact. He appears to have initially refused and sought to distance himself, but he later warmed up to the idea of politicizing the false reports in an effort to target political opponents.

James O’Keefe allegedly drugged and attempted to assault a woman who had been working undercover for his smear video production operation, Project Veritas. This happened in October of 2011 and the matter became public in the spring of 2012. Frey obtained the woman’s medical information and social security number, which he posted on the PDF sharing site Scribd in an effort to discredit and intimidate her. I arranged an introduction between her and Los Angeles attorney Jay Leiderman. This woman is pursuing a civil suit against Frey, his wife, who is also a Los Angeles County DDA, and district attorney Steven Cooley. Nadia Naffe v. John Patrick Frey et. al. contains the two documents I have from this case.

O’Keefe sought an injunction during May of 2012 against the woman releasing his email, which he had mistakenly left on both her computer and cell phone. He is subject to a New Hampshire state grand jury investigation and they became aware of this content only 48 hours before the hearing. This was not enough time for them to produce an out of state subpoena, but I was attending the hearing, and I hand delivered a message from the assistant AG handling the case regarding the preservation of the content.

The response to preserving access to O’Keefe’s email for law enforcement came two weeks later. CNN contributor Erick Erickson was involved in a very implausible false police reporting scheme, the caller was the same voice as the two in 2011, and this was rapidly escalated to a national issue.

Lee Stranahan conceived an event he called Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, an attempt to target another man who also attended the O’Keefe injunction hearing with me. This was promoted by a group known as the National Bloggers Club, which had been co-founded by Ali Akbar and Bill Murphy. There are many signs that Romney’s online rapid response team, Hynes Communications, was involved in furthering this smear, and Murphy was later hired by the Romney campaign as their social media advisor. One of the Hynes Communications employees, Emily Zanotti, previously worked for an organization that funded the efforts of James O’Keefe.

This is a complex, multifaceted scheme, but I have kept organized records all along the way, so much so that I have begun organizing the particulars on my personal blog with the idea that I may write a book about this. The many admissions found in the Walker discovery response provide explicit details about who was involved and when certain events occurred.

I had already approached the Dallas FBI field office regarding this matter when a former DoJ executive I know suggested the Office of the Inspector General would be a more appropriate path for resolving this matter. The signs are subtle, but in one message Frey seems to indicate that the agent handling the undercover investigation has an ideological bias which will benefit their cause.

I am available at your convenience if you have any additional questions. Much of the background information is already available online in an organized fashion and I have posted an annotated version of this letter to assist you in your inquiry.