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All About Zapem

ALL ABOUT Zapem Joanne Joy first appeared prior to the 2008 election when it claimed to be a research group which included students from the University of Connecticut. This “group” claimed discovery of a document written by one of the Founding Fathers defining what was really meant by “Natural Born Citizen” in the Constitution in being eligible for the presidency.

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Ashymama Tweets; June-Oct 2014

One of the most notorious Kate Haters is Tami Vaher. She was Ashymama2 on Twitter before changing the name to Finndango. The majority of her tweets are about Kate Gosselin. Yes, really. @luvinglife1979 @Captian_0 nope. I didn’t, but it makes sense. Looks like they are attempting to divert all attention from their actions! Fri Oct 24 19:13:16 +0000 2014 @luvinglife1979

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