JoJo Camp Violates Restraining Order…Again

Recently JoJo Camp called into Patrick Read’s blog talk radio show and violated a restraining order on the air and after the broadcast. If you’re not familiar with Very Famous Jotato, here’s a summary from FBI.GOV website

He has harassed and made threats to a lawyer (@kirclaire) in Florida who filed one of the restraining orders against him. Patrick Read (@SwiftRead) acts like he doesn’t know anything about JoJo and the restraining order but you’ll see in one tweet he refers to @kirclair as Mz O…her last name begins with an O.

Regardless, a less grumpy cat would have simply apologized.

Note: Permission was given to show @kirclaire’s protected tweets.

Oct 8

Way to do your homework & make conservatives look stupid. Don’t worry I’ll do your homework for you & set the record straight

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