Thomas Retzlaff Depraved Emails, Part 3; Tom Retzlaff Exposed

More emails by Thomas Retzlaff using the alias James Smith.

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 7, 2014 to James McGibney, Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 2:42 AM


Subject: Re: Hello

Dear Sir,

Its around noon so I have some time while I take a lunch break to send you a small note.

you said “went after a few revenge porn websites, and thought I had made a difference, however I don’t know if I really did.”

Well you didn’t. And it was ridiculous to think that you would. People have been trash talking their ex-‘s ever since Jenny found her name & number on the bathroom wall. There is even a revenge porn site being run by some woman in Baltimore!!
( suburbanmomwhorunsarevengepornsite.html).

Plus, the fact that you & your wife run your very own revenge porn site seems just a tad bit hypocritical, don’t you think? Because, fundamentally, that is what Cheaterville is, right? The fact that it doesn’t have nudes is irrelevant. It engages in the very same practices that you claimed you were against with regards to Hunter Moore – and you have your very own $199 Take Down Hammer to boot! Listen, I ain’t complaining. If someone is dumb enough to allow another person to make a sex video or take naked pictures of them, oh well. So I have zero problem with sites like Hunter Moore’s or Cheaterville.

But if you are going to holler about the Hunter Moores of the world, you got to realize that your detractors will point to Cheaterville and use that against you.

And don’t think that I ever served in the military. I didn’t. But that’s the problem when you try and dox someone and you get it wrong. I had this very same conversation with Adam Steinbaugh when I saw his emails a couple of months ago. He and some retard private eye named Klien from Texas (which, again, shows you the problem of relying upon internet “friends” to do your “research”).

You see something that looks similar to something else and then you try to make a connection where none existed, and then you run with it.You all claimed I was three different people, whom you named, and was at four different locations. Then Cpt O posts a pic that he said was me, but when you do a reverse image search it comes back to someone completely different, and then he said “well I got the picture from some child’s MySpace, but its defunct and you can’t see it so you just have to trust me that this is the guy.” Like he has some special skillz equal to the FBI, and then he said I was at some hotel somewhere in Dallas posting on your website and he was able to track me to this hotel with his “skillz”. Like whatever.

And that’s the problem when you rely upon random strangers (which Cpt O basically is, right, since you’ve never met him) to do your ‘work’ for you. The guy that you doxed could very well be a crazy and violent person who just doesn’t give a shit about hurting other people and whether or not he goes to jail. Or he could be a she who sits around her house all day with 50 thousand cats running around.

That guy Klien, and his attorney side kick John Morgan, are really a couple of morons. If you are really looking for bullies to dox, you should check out those two! Morgan and Klien have filed HUNDREDS of lawsuits against all kind of real and perceived enemies in the Beaumont area. Morgan had his parental rights terminated on account of him abusing his three kids and his ex-wife – who is an Asst DA in Beaumont. Yet he is the white knight for those revenge porn girls. And now I hear that both them idiots are about to be indicted for perjury and witness tampering.

If those retards would have really done their homework, they could have easily find out who I was / am. I have been interviewed several dozen times by newspapers & radio stations across the world, and even given THREE live TV interviews on Skype (for Sky News, BBC, and Australian Broadcasting Company). The AP even had a guy come meet me in person during the Fistball championship here in Windhoek on October where we spent several hours walking, talking and  watching the events.

And isn’t that what your “friend” CH Who Done It is complaining about? Being falsely doxed by people?

Also, wasn’t it you who sued Hunter Moore on account of him falsely accusing you of something (being a pedo or whatnot) on Twitter? Yet you accused Tom Retzlaff specifically by name of running a revenge porn site. But when I asked Cpt O what proof he had that this guy was me, or I was he, I was met with silence.

And that was the last straw for me, falsely accusing an innocent person. (Just as an FYI – it seems dumb to think that a guy who has been a suspect a couple of yrs ago in a unsolved double homicide and 9 armed robberies would also be running a revenge porn site, like that makes perfect sense. I even show him the Detriot newspaper link showing that.) The last straw where he coundn’t produce the evidence that Tom Retzlaff was running a revenge porn site. But he hears from some guy Klien who says “thats the dude” and everybody runs with it without even to bother checking the underlying facts / assumptions.

Again, very similar to what you guys are complaining about with the Kate Gosselin crowd and CJ Who Done It. One person says she’s “it” and everyone just piles on with the assumptions, while denials go ignored.

With regards to that Chadwick stuff, you are wrong. Seriously. Chadwick has NEVER had state accrediation. Never ever, no way, Jose. Not in a bazillion years.

What it did have, once, was a state license to do business. Which doesn’t mean a damn thing as far as accrediation is concerned. A guy running a sandwich shop has to have a business license. But having a license to do business as a university or school does not make you a university or school. you have to go through all kinds of other shit to be an actual school.

At different times Chadwick claimed accreditation from the International Association of Universities and Schools and the World Association of Universities and Colleges, HOWEVER neither of which is a recognized educational accrediting organization by the US Dept of Education.

Those organizations are / were accrediation mills, that is they are flase organizations set up to give the appearance of being a letitimate accrediation organization so that places like Chadwick can give off the appearance of legitimacy.

So here is where you are going to get fucked. If you made your application for enrollment to Boston Univ and/or Harvard based upon having a degree from Chadwick, you committed academic fraud and you will have your degree pulled. It is not optional, and they cannot cut you any slack no matter what excuse you give them.

As a part of their academic accredication with whoever it is that oversees them, (which I think is the New England Assoc of Schools & College), and as a part of Council for Higher Education Accreditation (an NGO), schools are only allowed to admit students who have recognized educational credentials from accredicated schools and colleges. A student who has a “degree” from an unaccrediated institution legally does not have a degree. It’s as if it does not exist and never happened. So if a university, such as BU, erronously admits a student into their Master’s program on the basis of their non-accrediated degree, they have no choice but to revoke that student’s admission and pull their BU Master’s degree, not if BU wants to keep its own accrediation intact.

They have no choice because that student does not legally have the required four year undergraduate degree from a letitimate school.

What with all the attention you or Cpt Obvious brought to yourself when you guys got caught editing your own Wikipedia article, all sorts of Admins and Sys Ops have been behind the seens checking your claims. Its not like you’re the first guy on Wikipediate to pull that stunt. So I am sure that they have ways of dealing with it. If it wasn’t for Cpt O telling me about your Wiki page, I’d’ve never known. lol

I think the biggest danger you suffer is from one of your former classmates seeing you or reading about you in some random fashion and putting two + two together, and then saying something to a Provost somewhere. But what is totally not my concern. So whatever.

This Cpt O guy, he’s bad news for you because (1) he can get you all wired up to do some stupid shit, and (2) he doesn’t face any of the consequences when people get pissed off. All that rage falls upon you and your wife and your family, and it comes out of your pockey book (as you have dramaticly seen very recently). So he gets all the laughs, but none of the risk.

Lastly, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Bullyville @BullyVille

I’m not evil, I just suffer from a severe kindness deficiency caused by a lack of empathy. And you wonder why advertisers have been dropping you like a bad habit? Or why celebrities are runny away as fast as they can?

You can’t put this kind of shit up and expect to get any kind of positive response from the public at large. The only people who think that’s cool and such are the fourty twitter nerds shacking their pom-poms.

You’ve got a business to run here and putting up crazy, irrational tweets isn’t going to make customers comfortable or advertisers happy.

So anyways, like we talked about, please remove those Article pages, as much as you can.

I’ve got more to write on this Op RWA. Which I’ll do later.

James Smith

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 16, 2014 to James McGibney, Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 5:37 PM


Subject: Re: Hello

Dear Sir,

Just curious, but if posting my name (or, more accurately, a name that you think is mine, but that I have repeatedly told you isn’t!), but if posting a name did not work the first time, what makes you think that it will work the second time, or third time, or a zillion times??

What is it that you are hoping to accomplish by this? By doing this are you somehow trying to convince your sponsors and advertisers that you are a rational person who will do a good job in promoting their image and not embarrass them? Because to me, from a distance, it looks more like you are engaging in a self-destructive flame war in an effort to scare away your advertisers as fast as possible.

Nobody has to lie about who you are or what you are all about to your advertisers. Nobody has to exaggerate or anything like that. All anyone needs to do is show them all your ridiculous and threatening twitter posts that you have made with the personal attacks on random people, and hate and all the nonsense you post on your website. That right there is enough to drive away any potential sponsor. And that’s even without having to mention the hate posts on your website under your “articles” section where you go on and on about your enemies and Op RWA (or whatever it is you call it) and the like.

What Hollywood celebrity in their right mind would want to be associated with that kind of stuff, sir? Is it any wonder they want to run away from you as fast as they can once it is pointed out to them what you really stand for and what you are really all about? Jesus Christ man, I might as well be visiting the Storm Front website because I really see no difference between the type of hate you spew and the hate those racist assholes post. At least they are honest about who and what they are.

Wasn’t it you who said to me, “Nevertheless, I’m pretty much in agreement with you, there really was no point at the end of the day, it solved nothing. I’d rather refocus BullyVille on helping kids who are bullied…” So how is posting shit about all the Kate Gosselin haters, Thomas Retzlaff (whom I repeatedly have told you is NOT me), Neal Rauhauser, James Duffy or any of the others you rail against do anything to help the victims of bullying?

Do you honestly think that ANY of those people give two shits about being posted on your website or twitter? And look at Hunter Moore.

Last I checked he has over 600,000+ twitter followers and you have, what, a hand full of thousands? I bet there isn’t a bar in New York or Las Vegas that Moore can walk into without at least one person buying him a drink. And I bet there isn’t any Hollywood party that he can’t get into.

ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, James McGibney. You made Hunter Moore far more famous and popular than he ever was before and, because of you, he is making money hand over fist. And you, sir? You’re still having trouble paying your NV Energy bill and car payments while busy trying to hustle up jobs.

Listen, I don’t know you and I don’t have to live with you. But you have to be honest with yourself: You have a long history of making very poor decisions. Now before you go nuts here, hear me out. Let me start with this premise: Filing bankruptcy is the end result of YEARS of bad decisions one after another, followed by yet more. So unless you were suddenly hit by a truck and facing catastrophic medical bills, bankruptcy doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It creeps up on you.

So it is my position that you have a history of making very poor choices when it comes to business and personal matters.

Now I am NOT saying this to give you a hard time or to bust your chops. (I’m certain your mom and dad have already done that.) But I am saying this in an effort to get you to recognize just exactly what it is you are doing and how incredibly self-destructive it is, sir!

How is posting a bunch of hate about Lora Lusher, Thomas Retzlaff, Emerald City Jazz, Neal Rauhauser, Hunter Moore, Eric Chanson or any of the rest going to do a damn thing to make anyone’s life any better when you are a ten year old kid coming to Bullyville looking for help on dealing with some playground meany? If I am the parent of such a kid, would I even allow him to visit your site after seeing all these hate posts by you?

And if I am an advertiser or Hollywood celebrity, do I want myself and my good image associated with the kind of person / website that posts such bullshit to begin with? As Mr. Big Shot Movie Star, I got all kinds of people and causes looking for my attention. I don’t need to be associated with controversial people like you. In fact, controversy is the very last thing an advertiser wants to be associated with!

You let idiots like Cpt. Obvious wire you up and drag you down. Yet when your money runs out ’cause all your advertisers go away, is he going to be there to help you out by paying your kids’ health insurance bills? Or making a car payment? Or is he just some random jerk on the internet with no life and too much time on his hands who likes to stir shit up? How many dozens of hours has he spent researching this Thomas Retzlaff guy, running on a wild goose chase thinking he is me and I am him? And for what? Nobody cares! And it does nothing to make your website – your business – a better place to be at.

So really you are the one fucking yourself over and ruining your website and your business. Not this guy or any of the others you complain about.

Lastly, a couple of days ago I down loaded a couple of pod casts from your radio show off of your site. I listened to each and every one. I must tell you, I really enjoyed them. Seriously! You are engaging and fun to listen to.

(And just for the record: Whenever I go to your website, I am ALWAYS using a proxy. ALWAYS. So that IP address you posted, it wasn’t me.

There are 4 million people that live in Phoenix. Unless your website sucks worse than what I think it does, I am sure you have had more than a couple of visitors from that area. So don’t sit there and falsely represent that you can specifically identify a specific individual from his / her IP. When you post that kind of stuff and I know where I am at and its not there, you just destroy your credibility.)

And watching you guys rage against Retzlaff just gives me lots of laughs. I seriously doubt a guy who has been accused of double murder and robbery really cares what some fools on twitter think, assuming he even knows.

Not everybody who hates you is me, okay? Lots of other people have problems with the way you handle your business, and lots of those people aren’t afraid of doing something about it. Calling an advertiser to complain is small potatoes. But it takes money out of your pocket each and every time it happens, right? So if you want to be successful again, you would do well to delete and remove ALL that negative bullshit “articles”, tweets and the rest of it. Focus on the positive instead!

Best regards,

James Smith

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 18, 2014 to James McGibney, Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2014 8:15 PM



Dear Sir,

Why do you engage in such hateful and abusive conduct? I am sure that I am not going to get an answer, but I thought I would ask anyways. Are you even capable to stepping outside of yourself and seeing what you are doing?

You say you started Bullyville with the best of intentions, and you have even acknowledged to me that it has degenerated into something that even you do not like. Yet you keep on going with the abuse and the threats. Why?

In 4 or 5 years when your oldest son starts using the internet on his own and he Googles his dad’s name and sees your website and your Twitter posts, do you think he will be proud of you?

And what happens if, for some reason, your wife decides to divorce you at some point (for reasons that could be totally not part of this), you don’t think she would use all this stuff you have said and done against you to steal your children from you and get you paying 1/2 your salary in alimony & child support while your stuck with nothing?

Or if I am some HR guy looking over applications for employment and I happen to Google your name.

These people that you label as “stalkers” are folks who simply disagree with you and your business model, and who are doing nothing different than what you have done – and what you have advocated others to do – before. Or do you not recall all the press interviews you did on behalf of Kate Gosselin in which you claimed how proud you were of “outing” all of her critics and posting their personal information and calling their employers and family and such? You say that the “media”misquoted you, but yet I find quotes of you saying those very things to many, many different news outlets. So did they all get it wrong?

Is that your story, sir?

I am truly beginning to think that you suffer a mental illness or a complete lack of empathy and insight.

Your response to those that criticize you and disagree with you is to blast them on twitter and on your website and to engage in hacking and other vigilante actions. Is that rational, I ask? Are you this violent with your own family?

Is it also rational to sit there and throw rocks at people whom you openly acknowledge as being mentally ill or violent criminals? Your wife just gave you a new son recently, I understand, and you just moved to a new place and are trying to start things over. What does she think of your actions? Does she even know? The response to crazy or violent people is not to egg them on, it’s to disengage and ignore them.

Getting into twitter battles with people is just insane. Why do you think I shut my twitter account down for the second, and probably last time? The world is just filled with too many crazy, violent, and irrational people to waste my time with 140 characters at a time. I only temporarily reopened the account because Cpt Obvious posted comments claiming that I was using a different sock account and I wanted to let him know that I don’t need a sock to say what I want to say. Not everybody who disagrees with you and him are me. There were lots of before who didn’t like you guys before I came along, and I am sure there will be lots more in the future.

But they all are not me!

I would ask you to please rethink your actions lately.

Let me ask you this: How many times a day do you think a company like Ford or Wal-Mart gets phone calls from people unhappy with who they are advertising with, such as the Duck Dynasty example? Do you think they pull their ads just because some random Joe Blow calls up and bitches? No, of course not. They take a look at the complaint and then look at the TV show or website where their ads are on and then make a decision on their own as to whether or not to cancel.

Canceling ads costs time & money, and its a hassle that they are not going to do unless they think there is a real good reason for it. If Bullyville was a positive site in the eyes of a company do you think they would pull their ads and put you on a ‘blacklist’ of sites on all the different ad exchanges? No, they would not.

And is not calling an advertiser to complain a perfectly legitimate form of expression? Or do all these ‘parents against certain TV shows’ groups have it all wrong, too?

The only person killing your advertising is you, sir. And you damn well know it! Your business is one of hate and abuse and doxing. All a company ad guy has to do is look at your website and look at your twitter posts to see what you are all about. Some guy like me has zero pull to make a business do whatever it is that they are going to do.

And the same is true for the HR department at whatever company you work for. They will look at it and say to themselves, “If this is McGibney’s reaction to people who disagree with him on twitter, how is he going to react when he gets into disputes with his co-workers or customers? We don’t need this kind of potential time bomb here. Let’s hire someone else instead!”

Finally, I will leave you with this thought. Every single one of us has been the victim of bullying at some point in our lives. Thus, you have an audience of 300 million potential customers. But when a person comes to your website and twitter and they see all the hate and abuse you post, and they see that your actions are really no better than those of the people they’re trying to escape, what kind of impression does that make?

Bullyville can be a happy, positive place.

In any event, the choice is yours.

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 22, 2014 to James McGibney, Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 4:51 PM



That was a hell of a thing you did a couple days ago posting suicide jokes about lawyers killing themselves. I didn’t believe it when one of the “truthers” posted a comment about it on his/her twitter, but then he/she sent me a DM with a screen shot of it.

The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that you really are mentally “off” some how.

Again, I am not saying this to bust your chops. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. This is just my own personal observation.

Suicide is what a lot of people who get bullied do. People kill themselves because they are in deep pain and see no way out, and there is no one to help them. Yet here you are, James Alex McGibney, all High & Mighty Arbitrator of Twitter and Protector of the Internet, cracking jokes about people killing themselves because they are in such deep pain that they see no way out!!

Do you not see something fundamentally wrong with that and how deeply flawed your thinking is for something like that to even cross you mind, let alone post for all the world to see???

Far be it from me to be the judge of you. But then again, I never set myself up as the Champion of Bullies or claimed to be one of the Good People like you do.

[I had written the above before I saw your newest post today.]

Just curious as to just how many hours did you guys spend on all this stuff?

Yet in all the words you posted, you did not show any link at all between Thomas Retzlaff and me and Texxxxan. Not one. The closest you came was when you posted a tweet by Texxxan in which Texxxan said that it “wasn’t my arrest record” and that “anyone can make a fake document.” Which seem like statements that anybody would make that has been falsely linked to someone he is not.

But whatever.

You truly are a lunatic to have devoted so much time and effort on someone who nobody gives shit about.

Do you think doing stuff like this will make it more or less likely that advertisers will come back to your website?

Funny how you like to go on about this guy’s supposedly fake Facebook page (like nobody has ever made a fake FB, right), but here you are having bought a fake college degree from Chadwick and making false claims of Harvard for YEARS to every employer and news outlet. Yet it is all 110% false.

It looks to me like someone is feeling the pressure. Glad I don’t have to worry about feeding a wife and three little kids and coming up with $5,000 a month in rent. I’m not the one who built a professional resume out of fake academic claims — and I’m not the one who has to worry about his employer’s HR Dept. finding out.

Who has the most to lose here?

Like I said in my very first email to you, you were the one who started all this attack stuff. Not I. But since it’s coming from a guy who likes to crack jokes about people who commit suicide, why am I not surprised.

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 22, 2014 to James McGibney, Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 5:04 PM



By the way, in reading the Cheaterville post you made about the guy’s daughter, it clearly states that this was submitted by the girl’s EX-HUSBAND.

Why would you think that it was her father who posted this crap about her and not her ex-, which seems far more likely. How would her father be around to make sex tapes with his daughter? And what would be his motive? You posted a photo that you claimed is Retzlaff standing there with his daughter recently. You also claim that Retzlaff lives in San Antonio and the link you posted shows that his daughter lives there, too. If he was doing all this stuff to her, why would she still be with him?

Or is it more likely that the girl’s ex- went on a rampage when she divorced him and he started smearing her? And what better way of smearing your ex- than to accuse her of cheating on you and committing incest.

As far as the IPs associated with the posts are concerned, don’t most people make posts on your site regarding people that they personally know? So if the girl lives in AZ and TX, wouldn’t it make sense for people from those places to have posted comments? Plus, we all know that IP are not static, right? So the WhoIs info on those IPs is years out of date and are meaningless.

The fact that she was posted on YOUR website for these past 4 years is very troubling. Don’t you approve each & every post that goes up?

Why would you approve of a post about incest?

See, even your lies make absolutely no sense, McGibney, and all you have done is victimize an innocent girl – yet again.

Email sent from “James Smith” <> on January 22, 2014 to James McGibney,

Founder & CEO of BullyVille

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From: [] On Behalf Of James Smith

Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 8:13 PM



The fact that you (or somebody on your behalf) spent dozens and dozens of hours on your post clearly shows just how effective our efforts have been at complaining to advertisers about your little revenge porn site.  (While you may wish to claim your site is not revenge porn, the folks at the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, Mary Ann Franks, and Danielle Citron have all gone on record with saying that your site is revenge porn.)

I spent a total of 30 minutes – all together – with my complaints to your advertisers. That includes time spent on hold. And look how obviously effective it has been!!

You spend DOZENS amd DOZENS of hours on doxing somebody that no one cares about, while we spent maybe 30 minutes.

To be perfectly honest, after I sent you that email a couple of weeks ago to you asking you to remove all the hate, I had stopped all efforts because I figured that we had an understanding. But I guess not.

For how many years have you been going around using that fake diploma from Chadwick? Did you use it to gain admission into Boston Univ.’s Master’s program? Isn’t that considered academic fraud and a violation of BU’s rules?

How many employment applications did you fill out in which you checked the box “college degree – Chadwick Univ” on? How many employers & customers relied upon your FALSE credentials when giving you a job?

And didn’t you start up a company called Sapias, Inc. that was eventually bought by Wireless Matrix? I wonder if the SEC has rules against corporate officers who solicit investments based upon false claims? Didn’t you try to raise funds from investors in this company?

Do you think that people would have invested in your company if they knew that your college degree was totally faked?

Do you think that people would have bought products and services from you if they knew you had a fake college degree?

And what about you lying to the Marines to get extra money based on this false degree? You can try to spin it any way that you want. But a lie is a lie is a lie. And you can’t get something for nothing. You knew god damn well that you cannot get a college diploma based on a couple of thousand dollars, filing out a form based on your “life experience” – and not once setting foot inside a classroom!!

So who has more to lose here in a doxing fight?