Emails of Brittany Retzlaff, Part 1; Tom Retzlaff Exposed

This is a court exhibit of Brittany Retalaff’s presented in the ViaView lawsuit on October 12th, 2014. Brittany Retzlaff is the daughter of Thomas Retzlaff.

In case you missed it, Thomas Retzlaff used a hidden camera to take nude pictures of his daughter, then posted them on revenge porn sites.

In this post, you’ll see Retzlaff refer to “guys in prison” he got out of prison due to his “legal work”. The truth is that Retzlaff filed a lawsuit about not being duly notified of a parole hearing. Retzlaff won that lawsuit, he was paroled and around two dozen inmates who also weren’t properly notified of their parole hearings were also released.

Also note Retzlaff’s death threats, his guilt trips and the continuous stream of insults to his daughter. Note how much he likes to mention incest that never happened.

The following emails were sent by convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff to his daughter, Brittany. Retzlaff posted naked images of his own daughter all over the web. These pictures were illegally obtained by Retzlaff using a hidden camera. All emails were immediately forwarded to the FBI and to the San Jose Police Department and the District Attorney working this case.

Thomas Retzlaff currently has multiple restraining orders in place against him. His daughter has fled the country, partially due to Retzlaff’s continued harassment of her. As the emails below clearly show, he continues his harassment of her even after a restraining order was in place.

——– Original message ——————–————————————————————————————–

 From:  “Tom Retzlaff” <>

Date: March 18, 2014 at 2:49:30 AM GMT-5

To: “Brittany Retzlaff” <REDACTED

Subject: court documents

 You have no idea of the shit storm that is about to erupt on account of your naked pictures and your sex videos, little girl. A couple months ago I found your videos & photos posted on what is called a revenge porn website. Normally when I find your videos I try to send the person in charge of the website an email asking them to remove them. Sometimes they do, sometimes they’d don’t.  And sometimes I get emails back filled with abuse and with pictures of dicks (seriously. Someone sent me dick pics as a response to my request for them to remove your sex video!). So I find a post about you on this website that contains all of your personal information, along with a post that says, “This is my ex-wife Brittany Cintron. I caught her having sex with her dad. Yes, she was fucking her OWN FATHER. I found out that she was having sex with her dad for years so I divorced the bitch. She left me $10,000 in debt and I got an STD from her.

 There were other comments saying that the reason why you went to Peru was because you had gotten pregnant with my baby and had to get an abortion, so you ran off because of the embarrassment at getting caught having sex with your dad for years. This was posted just two weeks after you got married in Peru. Over 75,000 people voted to give your sex video a “4 star” rating out of 5 (I don’t know if that makes you mad or not – lol). But more than FIVE MILLION PEOPLE HAD SEEN THIS POST AND THOSE VIDEOS & PHOTOS!!!!

 Now you have told your mom that you don’t care about this stuff because the people who know you won’t Google your name.  DUMB ASS – That is precisely the people who do Google your name!!! Do you think some random person somewhere just decides to type BRITTANY CINTRON in an internet search engine? Who else but people who know you would know to Google your name to begin with? Don’t you think that your new friends in Peru are curious about you and want to know more about you? Sowhat does a normal person do when they are curious about someone? They Google them, that’s what!   Think about it for a bit and it will come to you that you know I am speaking the truth here. Googling for information is what everyone on the planet does when they want to look something or someone up. So you get a new person in your church from America who just married a guy and they don’t know anything about her.

Even if these people don’t speak any fucking English because they are too stupid to learn, Brittany Cintron is spelled the same no matter what language one uses! So the same results keep showing up: Brittany likes to fuck her daddy and she got pregnant by him!!! And here are the sex tapes and photos to prove it. So that’s what everybody sees when they Google your name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So anyways I wrote the website asking to remove your pics and this website responded back by saying, sure they’ll remove the videos and pictures, but only if I agree to send them $200.  I said fuck you(seriously). Since I found out that this website (unlike all the rest) was based in the USA, in Las Vegas of all places, I told the site operator that if he didn’t remove that shit that I was going to contact the police and file a complaint.

And now a federal lawsuit and investigation has started and I am right in the fucking middle of it all on account of me wanting to get YOUR fucking sex tapes and YOUR naked pictures off the internet!

Do you think I like the fact that everyone who knows you also knows that I am your father?!? 

Do you think I like the fact that everyone who knows you also knows that you have been having sex with me for years and that you loved it so much that you got pregnant by me? 

Do you think that I like the fact that MY family members see that trash because they got curious as to what you were up to and wanted to find you, so they googled your name and found that post, which was listed Number One on Google searches under your name??? 

Everyone who knows me also knows that I have been to prison, thus I am already labeled as being a “bad person.” And now everyone who knows me knows that we’ve supposedly been having sex together.

You were a dumb ass for ever thinking that it was me behind this bullshit. Seriously. Dumb ass = You. 

Why would a dad do that? What would be his motive? Posting sex tapes of you and naked pictures is something that an ex-does. And if you read the website post, it doesn’t make sense for anyone else to have made it but an ex-. Why would a father make such a post that clearly implicates the father in having a long term sexual relationship with his daughter? Anyone who knows the daughter and googles her would have seen that post and, thus, would have read what it said. Some of your own family would be reading that you & your daddy were knocking boots for the past few years. So why would a dad “out” himself like that to the world and to his own family? If I was going to post something about you it would be something like “she’s a drug using bitch” or something like that. I wouldn’t say you like to fuck your daddy because, after all, I would be making myself look bad, too!!!

As Judge Judy always says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true!” It is obviously not true. The type of allegations that were made about you were simply so over the top and ridiculous as to strain credulity  – and its EXACTLY the kind of crap that one says about an ex- that they are very angry with. You remember all the shit we went through in getting back your snow board and that other stuff? And how the police had to be called when you and mom went to the house to try to get your clothes and stuff?? All that drama over just a few hundred dollars of bullshit was caused by Robert. Remember how hard he tried to get you to come back to him when you left and filed for divorce? All the promises he made and all the other shit? He didn’t want you to go.  He wanted his wife and his girlfriend  – and her baby – too! And he was furious when he couldn’t have you no more!

 FYI  – The first sex videos and naked pictures of you were posted on August 30, 2009. You filed for divorce from your first ex-husband on August 5, 2009. Does anyone here think that was a coincidence? And ever since then your images and videos have been reposted on torrent sites all over the internets. So to get back at that asshole for wanting to charge me $200 to remove YOUR fucking photos and personal information (like your DOB, SNN and shit like that), I went and contacted all the dude’s advertisers on his website to complain about who they were advertising with. Every single one of them ending up canceling their ads. Every Single One.

And now the guy is mad. And he retaliated by filing a federal lawsuit against me in California accusing me of costing him $20,000 a month in lost advertising revenue, because that was how much he was making on his little revenge porn website – $20,000 a month. And now it is all gone on account of me. This guy was making MILLIONS of DOLLORS over the years. He lives in a HUGE house and had all kinds of fancy cars and trips and shit like that. And he is losing it all because of me.The guy that owns that website belongs to a group of internet hackers. Some of them recently have tried to attack your mother and brother. Someone just last week tried to hack into my bank account (I got a phone call from Bank America). People have been posting your mother’s personal information on the internet. The same with your brother.

If I was the one posting all this shit about you then why would I have placed myself in such extreme jeopardy in trying to remove the very things that I posted?

 For the past FIVE YEARS it has served your purpose for you to blame me for all the bad things that have happened in your life. It is always easier to blame someone else than to look at the things that you might have done that caused you to be where you are in life. I know that temptation all too well,weenie. Plus, it is not like you ever loved me all that much to begin with, right? RIGHT? You never really cared all that much for your father, have you? So blaming me was easy. But now I am asking you to think logically and to use your head. Yeah, I did some mean things to you and said things I should not have done w/ regards to your jehovahs and such. But I sure as fuck didn’t put sex videos of you on the internet and make posts saying about how much you love to fuck yourdaddy and have his babies!!!!

But like I said, it’s not like you ever loved me all that much anyways. So you go ahead and keep on thinking what you’ve been thinking.  I have begged you for YEARS to call me. But whatever.



From: Tom Retzlaff   <>Date: Wednesday, April 2, 2014Subject:To: Brittany Retzlaff <>Remember it was his piece of shit son who has caused ALL of these problems for you, starting with cheating on you all the time, to getting you deeply in debt, to putting naked pictures and sex videos on the Internet – not 2 weeks after you filed for divorce! 

If he was a good person and a good father, he would have had better control over his son and taught him better than he obviously did. 

Eddie is a fucked up person with a fucked up life, and if I EVER have a chance to murder him and get away with it, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. And you know I mean it, too. Don’t you, kid? 

So fuck him and fuck all those people there. I have been the one trying to repair your credit and pay your debts off a little at a time, all these years.

I’am the one trying to repair YOUR reputation and get those pictures and stuff off the websites. No one else is fighting this but me.

So go ahead and rage and hate me all you want to. But I’am still your dad. Always. Forever.


Tom Retzlaff Received: by with SMTP id k8csp229346qdq; Wed, 2 Apr 201400:33:01 -0700 (PDT)X-Received: by with SMTP id bt4mr394645oec.54.1396423980218;Wed, 02 Apr 2014 00:33:00 -0700 (PDT)Return-Path: <>Received: ([]) with ESMTP idcb3si723339oec.122.2014. for <>; Wed, 02Apr 2014 00:33:00 -0700 (PDT)Received-SPF: softfail ( domain of does not designate as permitted sender)client-ip=;; spf=softfail ( domain does not designate aspermitted sender) X-ASG-Debug-ID: 1396423976-05951e6c4091720001-nAb4JxReceived: from []) with ESMTP id uk25vxVzaPteqIaI for<>; Wed, 02 Apr 2014 02:32:56 -0500 (CDT)

——– Original message ——————–————————————————————————————–

From:  “Tom Retzlaff” <>

Date:  April 10, 2014 at 4:08:16 AM GMT-

You think that because someone is the enemy of your father that he is your friend! Boy are you either dumber than I thought, or way more naive, kid. And if anybody is more likelier to end up with a bullet in his end, it’s this asshole right here who has been fucking with this family and with you (though you didn’t know it) for long enough and something will be done.  

I got a lot of guys out of prison due to my legal work, and a lot of those guys owe me a great deal of favors. You remember when you lived with me all those letters I got from prison afterwards? And how I answered each and every one?

Yeah, that’s right, kid.  People like that remember favors owed.

This guy who says he is your friend is the OWNER of the very website that your intimate photos and personal details were posted on for the last 2 years! Your pictures were viewed by nearly 4 million guys.  But you don’t care.  This guy claims he is helping you get the pics of the website –he’s the motherfucking owner!  He could have taken them down any time he wanted to. But when I called and complained, I was told it was a starting price of $199 and more for “extra services.”  Well fuck him, and fuck you for wanting to help him!!!

You talked to his attorney had he claimed he won some kind of victory against me in court? Well that’s news to me sweetheart because I haven’t been to court. I haven’t been given any papers saying I got to show up in any court. So he is already telling you another lie.

That attorney of his, Jay Leiderman, is neck deep in the computer hacking culture, just like this James McGibney fellow is. Both of them have publically admitted ties to the hacking group Anonymous. At first I thought it was Robert who had sold your identity, but now I believe that it was there guys. This McGibney guy and his revenge porn website Cheaterville is in Las Vegas. The fake ID cards in your name were found in Vegas. Coinicidence? Whatever. You’re as dumb as a rock.

These new friends of your are themselves also being sued in Federal court by people whom they haveblackmailed. You can read some news reports right here: 

These are your new friends: a couple of scam artists who make their money blackmailing little girls and professional people who can’t afford to have their reputations damaged by false allegations.

You want to learn more about this asshole and his hateful internet activities, you can read a whole bunch of news articles about him at this website 

By the way, did you know that he has tried to contact and threaten your grandfather? By you helping him, I guess you must be okay with that, right? These people who have been harassing and terrorizingyour mother for the past two months, and now your grandfather, you are good with that, right? 

Does that make you my enemy now?

He claims I went after him and destroyed his company costing him over $250,000 in lost revenues. But if I was the one who posted those pictures on his website, why would I then tear it down?

Or does it make more sense that because you pics were on that website, and because they would not take them down without me giving them money, I destroyed his company?

You have always been quick in wanting to fuck over and hurt your dad, and your family, Brittany. But in this matter, I have both your mother and my son, your brother, standing tightly by my side. This figh twill cost your mother and I a lot of money. Yes, she will be helping out, too. But you don’t care.

You need to talk to your mother and tell her exactly what these people had to say and what is going on.

——– Original message ——————–————————————————————————————–


 Tom Retzlaff <>

Date: April 11, 2014 at 5:06:56 AM GMT-5

You know that this could be the thing that Jehovah is using to bring you and I back together again. Working together we can destroy this man and his revenge porn empire if cheaterville!

This man has destroyed tens of thousands of young girl’s lives like Ur own with that website. U and I, we can be the ones who take him out for good!

Just think about it, ok?

——– Original message ——————–————————————————————————————–

From: “Tom Retzlaff” <>

Date:  April 13, 2014 at 3:44:36 PM GMT-

Subject:  sex abuse claim

 Your new friends have been going around on all the websites claiming that I have been sexually abusing you for years and got you pregnant and that is why you ran off to Peru. Is that true? How does it make you feel to know that your name is now known to MILLIONS of people around the world as the girl who got pregnant by her daddy?

This is the kind of games that these people play. They do it for sport and they think it is funny.You need to remember that the enemy of your enemy is not always your friend –  they have their own agendas that are not the same as yours! (and why would you even think that your dad is your enemy anyways?)

——– Original message ——————–————————————————————————————–


 “Tom Retzlaff” <>


 April 21, 2014 at 11:26:26 PM GMT-The only reason why some guy would ever want to talk to you is because they want to fuck you. Theyeither want to fuck you by getting in your pants, or they want to fuck you financially, or they want to fuck with you personally, or they want to fuck with your mind.

But you are too god damn gullible or naïve to figure this out.

So some random asshole sends you an email with some court papers attached to it, he spins you some tale, and you swallow it hook, line and sinker like you swallow some guy’s cock?  Seriously? Are you that fucking stupid!? Or do you just like swallowing things that much? Which is it, kid??

The very same motherfucker that OWNS the fucking website that YOUR pictures and videos were on for the last three years tells you that he wants to help you and help you get your pictures off the internet. In what world does that make sense, Brittany? Maybe that shit would make sense in your bullshit Jehovah world after the Earth is destroyed, but that hasn’t happened yet, has it?

 No, it has not. The real world is still here.

The only reason why that guy came to you with that bullshit story is because he is fucking desperate and he is grasping at straws trying to attack me. He claims that I destroyed his business and have cost him$20,000 a month in revenue from lost advertising and celebrity endorsements, and that I made all of his investors drop him and stop giving him money.

The guy is a fool for thinking that by attacking me his advertisers will change their minds and come backto his website. Sorry, but that ship has already sailed and it ain’t coming back.

And you tell your mother that you don’t know who to believe. Right. Because both your mother andyour brother and I are all lying to you. This isn’t something like “oh, there’s elephants walking down the street. Go look” so I can steal a bite out of your sandwich, dummy.  This is some real serious shit. It’s not a question of your mother taking my side and not yours. It’s about her knowing the truth and trying to get through to you so you can see it, too. Ask yourself this: would you rather have a motherthat says what you want to hear so that you feel better, or a mother who tells you what you need to hear because she knows it’s the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it?  As I told you and Collin smany, many times. It is not my job to be your friend. It’s my job to be your father. Sometimes being dad means telling your kids things that they don’t want to hear. My job is to try to prepare you for theworld so that you can be safe and so that you can stand on your own two feet and learn how to makegood decisions for yourself so you can protect yourself and to learn from my mistakes. It’s not my job to make you happy and tell you only things that you want to hear or to always agree with you. And when you have your own children, you will soon see that I speak the truth here and maybe then you will finally understand why I say these things and why I did some of the stuff that I done.

If you would be honest with yourself for just a minute you would see just how fucked up your life is right now. Yet you don’t even try to make things better for yourself.  You are 3,896 miles from me right nowor eight hours by plane. How long has it been since we were last together? I can tell you precisely to the number of days it has been. This is time lost that you can never, ever recover. Pretty soon there will be a day when it will be too late, that even if you wanted to be with me, you couldn’t.  But you in your stubbornness refuse to even think of such a possibility. Or, worse, you just don’t give a fuck.

If I am such a mean, terrible person, then why is it that your mother is still with me and that your brother is closer to me than ever before? Are they just stupider than you are, blind while you can see? Yeah, that’s typical Jehovah thinking:

 The whole world has it wrong while only you chosen few, you people who consist of less than one-tenth of one percent of the population, have all the answers. Right. Because that makes perfect sense. And you know something that your own mother and your own brother do not.

Well you have fun living in your smelly junk pile in Peru thinking God loves you more and better than anyone else in the world. The fact that is a clear sign of mental illness, don’t let that bother you, ok?

And you just keep on fucking your old dad because nobody gives a shit about him, right, ‘cause he’s a Bad Person and you know this to be true because some random guy sent you an email saying so.