Oops! Retzlaff Emails Admit Conspiracy With Rauhauser

In these emails to his daughter, Tom Retzlaff uses the pronoun “we” as he tells her the amount of attorney fees and sanctions being sought in Neal Rauhauser’s lawsuit against James McGibney and ViaView in Texas.

Strange, since Retzlaff has nothing to do with the Texas lawsuit and Rauhauser claims he’s had nothing to do with Retzlaff.

Also odd that Retzlaff is living in Arizona yet knew within minutes when the final brief by Jeffrey Dorrell was filed in Texas.

Hmmmm, you smell something?  something stinks.

By the way, Tom’s daughter has a permanent restraining order against him. By law, he’s not supposed to contact her in any way whatsoever, including by email.

From: Tom Retzlaff
Date: June 11, 2014 at 4:18:05 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff

Subject: I lied to you

I lied to you about something very important.
I lied to you about the amount of attorney fees being sought against your Internet stalker friend. Its not $66,955. Its more like $100,000. Yeah, that’s right.
Also, I was wrong about the amount of sanctions we are seeking. Its not $250,000. Its $1,000,000. Yeah.
One million dollars.
The Texas attorney just filed his final brief with the court just minutes ago.
Hahahahahahahaha. This clown is fucked!!! By me. The judge rules tomorrow or Friday.

Tom Retzlaff

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From: Tom Retzlaff
Date: June 11, 2014 at 5:18:56 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff
Subject: Attorney fees

$98,187.36 is the amount of attorney fees spent thus far in this lawsuit.
You think this kind of money would have been spent if we didn’t think we had an excellent chance. Of winning?
Just curious, if I had given you even one tenth of that amount (or $9,800) how much better would your life be right now? You could actually live in a place that has heat and air conditioning, not to mention reliable running water. And you wouldn’t be stuck walking up and down six flights of stairs with no elevator. You could get a car. Or even be able to see a doctor (a good doctor). Or have nice clothes or good food to eat.
You see where I’m getting at here? But for the choices you made, your life could be markedly better
right now. But instead this money gets spent on an attorney in Texas on some stupid, and meaningless, lawsuit filed by your friend and supposed savior. $98,187.36 and one million dollars in sanctions.

De: Tom Retzlaff
Fecha: 10 de julio de 2014 6:37:20 AM GMT-5
Para: Brittany Retzlaff
Asunto: Tx

I just got a call from the Texas attorney Jeff. He said things are proceeding as planned and the case will be brought to the court of appeals around noon
We’re on budget,too. Which is important.
Tom Retzlaff

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From: Tom Retzlaff
Date: October 5, 2014 at 6:44:08 PM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff
So how was your weekend, birthday girl? Did you get any nice presents?
I had a busy weekend. My attorney just finished our appellate brief in Texas and it will be filed
tomorrow. It is 31 pages long. There will be a hearing for oral argument on Oct 21st in Ft Worth. Your stalker friend is dead meat. I found a very recent court case that will blow their arguments to bits.
This Internet stalker clown thinks that something special is going to happen tomorrow. He doesn t know the half of it! Oh and it appears his attorney is in very poor financial condition. I saw his credit reports last week and the dude and his wife are in a very precarious position. Oh and the attorney he hired to represent him in my lawsuit here in AZ quit the case. I sent that AZ attny an email and told him all about Leiderman’s and McGibney’s stalking activities, website harassment and such. I called him later and he was very upset that his client had lied to him. He told me he had no idea about any of this – they told him I was the bad guy and such!
So he immediately quit the case.
I got three Big Things that are lined up for this week. So things are going very well for your dad.
Of course that won’t stop the stalker man from making more false promises to you about how he is
going to help you or how the police are after me and stuff. This man just can’t help himself with his
constant lies and dramatics.
I’m not even in AZ. But whatever. This guy is a lying sack of shit and he is dead meat. The moment he first said my name on twitter he was dead, and so was his company. Only he just didn’t know it yet. But that’s what you get for fucking with me – or my family.
Mom had no luck at Bingo. But she had fun, so that’s ok. That stuff iis boring as hell. But it makes her happy so that’s ok. Do they have Bingo in Peru? I remember taking you when you were little.
I miss you.
Tom Retzlaff
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——– Original message ———————————————————————————————————-
From: Tom Retzlaff
Date: October 7, 2014 at 8:49:10 AM GMT-5
To: Brittany Retzlaff
Subject: TX lawsuit
So here it is filed yesterday. Check it out and see if you can figure out which parts I did and which parts the attorney did himself.
I have filed probably 50 of these in my life thus far and of those, I won probably 75% of the time (as I only go to that much trouble when I feel very con dent cuz making an appeal is a very HUGE hassle!).
But this case I feel super confident on, and that’s no BS. The Calkins case (the one I told u about sunday) is right on track here and this appellate court has no choice but to follow it.
Game over for your Internet stalker friend.
The federal judge in California will be issuing her order dismissing the case shortly for lack of jurisdiction.
Your stalker will then be forced to pay all our attorneys fees.
Then we come after him.
I do love and miss you, too!!
Tom Retzlaff
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