A Special Kind of Crazy, Greg Howard and Zapem Oct, 2014

It was very strange to find a tweet from Greg W Howard on my timeline. We’re not friends. We’re not enemies either since we’ve only interacted once that I can recall. It was even stranger to see him tweeting about a conspiracy involving UniteBlue, the Department of Labor and the FBI. I’m not quite sure how a conspiracy like that would work.

I don’t know much about Mr Howard but I know he’s being fed information from the Zephyr5_ account. In case you’re one of the few who aren’t informed, Zephyr5 is an alternate account of Zapem, Neal Rauhauser’s arch nemesis and a devout Tea Party member.

Zapem tried to create a political scandal back in 2008 by claiming she’d found historical documents which defined “Natural Born Citizen” as mentioned in the constitution. The definition she dredged up allegedly proved Obama wasn’t eligible for the presidency. Yeah, it was a variation on the Birther effort and it failed also.

In 2010 Zapem tried to create another political scandal by releasing the Twittergate video where it was claimed that Neal Rauhauser was hired by Democratic candidates to troll the Tea Party. They claimed Neal led the troll group, the Bean Dogs. That was another failure by Zapem.

In 2012, Zapem was in contact with Andrew Breitbart via email claiming she was infiltrating Anonymous and would use Anons to attack and destroy the Left. That didn’t work either.

So here we are in 2014, an election year so it’s time for another scandal attempt from Zapem. It looks like she’s decided to change Bean Dogs to UniteBlue and merge the trolling with SWATting. And this time she’s using Greg W Howard to broadcast her conspiracy. Greg gives it away below when he mentions “state charges being filed against the FBI agent”. He’s referring to Special Agent Dan Borsuk. Zapem has been upset for years because Agent Borsuk stopped taking her conspiracy theories seriously. She was calling him all the time.

If thinking Zapem is a nut job were actually a crime then most of Twitter would have to be arrested.

Hey guess who knows where you live?

7:22 PM – 22 Oct 2014

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