Rauhauser Claims Long Term Harassment; Deleted Blog Feb 8, 2014

The article was posted on Neal Rauhauser’s wordpress blog on February 8th, 2014. After years of bragging about his accomplishments as an “internet superspy” he changed his story and tried to convince the world that he was stalked and framed by Zapem, a woman living in New Jersey.

He doesn’t mention the $50,000 in unpaid child support he owes his two children. Or his harassingment of others.

Of interest is his mention of another “victim” who filed a RICO suit. That would be Brett Kimberlin.

Neal and Zapem have been playing cat and mouse for years. They deserve each other.

(by Neal Rauhauser)

Two months before the 2010 election a mentally ill woman in New Jersey created a conspiracy theory about me known as Twittergate, which was promoted by Southern Poverty Law Center listed hate talker Robert Stacy McCain and promptly debunked by Gawker writer Adrian Chen.

During the summer of 2012 she and her associates struck again with Swatgate, which involved them promoting a cluster of four false police reports one of them made as if it were me, or someone near me. You can hear three of the calls and a comparison with the most likely culprit in this video.

Later that year I received samples of her voice and an email sent from Vested Protection Systems, a New Jersey detective agency located in Clark, which detailed her years long harassment campaign. The agency is owned by Jeffrey Joy, a retired police officer who was the 911 coordinator for the city at the time of the first false report, and Harvin Freedman, who’s accounting firm provides office space for the agency.

Listen to the whole Vimeo video and you’ll hear her claim to be a police officer, then later she and Tom Ryan, the guy behind the Robin Sage intrusion into the U.S. intelligence community, set up to wire tap Project VIGILANT founder Chet Uber.

‘Michelle’ Speaks

A year later, in late October of 2013, I received a final clue. ‘Michelle’ is either a VPS employee named [REDACTED], or her childhood friend Debi, a secretary for the Clark PD.

The Clark city council and Union County prosecutor’s office received the audio and video in December 2013. She seems to have more time on her hands since then, as if she’s been fired, but she still won’t leave me alone.

I am not the only victim and one of the others has filed a RICO suit after being the target of a completely fabricated rape charge in the fall of 2013. The case has proceeded to the point where subpoena responses from Twitter and Google are starting to reveal the inner workings of complex defamation operations.

If you are experiencing long term harassment involving deceptive use of email, spoofed phone numbers, forged documents, or people impersonating you and committing crimes, I hope this has provided you some clues as to the possible source.