JoJo Sends Threats Via Email

The following is an email exchange between JoJo Camp and a woman he’s harassed for a long time. In this exchange he accuses her of being a Twitter account and running a website though he offers no proof of this. JoJo isn’t known for being the brightest bulb on the tree.

I redacted names.

JoJo was recently released from prison after violating the parole he was given from his federal sentence for hacking the computer network of the University of Central Missouri. JoJo pleaded guilty and was given a sentence of three years and a fine of $61,500. His claim of damages is quite hilarious since there’s no indication he has ever had a job and his reputation is in the toilet because of his own doing.

Whomever runs the blog he claims defamed him is protected by Obsidian v Cox. JoJo is out of luck trying to use lawsuits to pay his fine.

E-mails with Tara [REDACTED] . Jojo Camp.
[I also sent this to your [REDACTED] account.]
I recently updated your page on my site, to include your recantation about me being responsible for OpProsecute. While this is a good start, and as we know, I am not responsible for OpProsecute (and your “reporting” skills are about as worthless as your writing skills -which may be the reason Kaplen provided me when they gave me all your Human Resource information after a SEALED sub. was issued.).
 You see you worthless CUNT, you caused me a lot of problems and cost me a lot of money to defend myself against your baseless accusations. You thought you were untouchable, but we all know EXACTLY where you live, what you do, where you work, where you have worked in the passed, and more importantly we all know, by your own admission to the FEDERAL JUDGE, that you are responsible for [REDACTED].

My time is abundant thanks to you helping in making me homeless, and since LA law states that each Tweet, each article, each post is itself a single cause of action for defamation, I expect to copy/paste about 20 or 50 suits against you.

The estimated recovery from each suit by current averages is about $2,500 plus all of my expenses. Do you have that kind of money? It will only cost me about $50 to file each suit, and I am well able to afford it as I have some very generous friends who you also pissed off.

Do you think that the image of youand your Job Bon-Jovi stalker shrine is going to be omitted from the suit? If you do, then you are wrong. You have a history of STALKING celebrities and others, you have admitted to harassing WALMART corporation (who was very kind to me when I spoke to their general counsel about your little “Walmart Elves” campaign.

You see, I am more than what you imagined, and less than what you assumed. You have dug yourself, and your worthless boyfriend [REDACTED] into a VERY deep whole, one that I am going to help you bury yourself in.

Your “Anonymous” bullshit states “We do not forgive, we do not forget”, trust me CUNT, I do not forgive, and I do not forget. I waited very patiently while you shoveled away in your hole, watching as you stupidly dug deeper and deeper. All the while saving, collecting, and preparing for the day that you dug yourself so deep that you can’t get out of it.

Do you understand that the COCKROACH Jason Scott Leiderman isn’t going to help you? He is a little busy trying to save his wives career, his James McPedo (allegedly) fluttering reputation. He is not licensed to practice in LA. He took all your FAKE “evidence” and everything that you did to help him, and will not return even a compliment of your assistance. You are on your own. Also, don’t think that the ACLU or EFF or PC or any other poor person’s liberal representation group is going to help you either. They wont, as you don’t have a constitutional right to defame willie nillie anyone.

Do you think that I am going away after you wrote that long ass boring letter to the judge where you commited PERJURY!!!!? I am not. Not until I get to write my own letter to YOUR sentencing judge. If that doesn’t happen, I will ALWAYS be watching and reporting, and digging into your personal, public, and online life. I have access to databases, and people that you will NEVER know or understand. I don’t give a shit about what you put out there about me, until you put shit out there about me that is UNTRUE (DEFAMETORY,LIBELOUS etc. then I care. When you take that SHIT to REAL LIFE, and start calling the FBI and PO, and FAMILY and FRIENDS, and my WORKPLACE, you then make me care! VERY MUCH CARE!

Do I give a shit about who runs OpProsecute? NO! I told you REPEATEDLY that it was not me. I gave you proof, that it was not me. I had to pay HUGE amounts in attorney fees when meeting with the FBI and others after you reported me NUMEROUS times for being OpProsecute. Time for TiT4TaT. I promise you that I am not going to forgive or forget.

However, I am willing to discuss a non-judicial remedy to this matter. If you would like to try to handle this like adults, and avoid court, maybe we can work something out. Let me know if you are amicable in this regard.



*/s/ Joseph A. Camp*____________

Joseph A. Camp

ps. This was sent via TOR and therefore don’t bother caring about the read header as you wont be getting my location or IP from it. I am also behind a VPN as well. I have to go, I am looking into your position on the board of the felonous “Free Anon” corporation. Get back to me, anytime day or night if you want to discuss this matter.


—————————-Tara’s reply to this e-mail——————————–

Dear Mr. Camp,

Please understand that I wish to be left alone by you and any associates you may have.

Are you interested in leaving me alone?

If so, exactly what type of “non-judicial remedy” do you have in mind in order for this to happen?



——————————JoJo’s Reply———————————————

Good morning and thanks for your reply.

As you know by now, I am not *OpProsecute. When you started you campaign against me you added the OpProsecute stuff and it has caused me more problems thn you can image. It is still causing me problems. All I wanted was to be left alone by you I asked, begged, and please you leave me alone.

Here is what I want. I want ALL the [REDACTED] accounts. You can clean them out, delete the content etc.. But these defamatory accounts have cost me tremendously and I want to ensure that they NEVER get reactivated. This includes the Two twitters the gmails and the WordPress and BTR.

Do you have any clue how much you have hurt me with the spreading of your lies? Blaming me for something that I had nothing to do with? I estimate that the damage you did to me via MyBronyNinja stuff at about $150,000 total. I am confident that a Jury will see the tweets, the defamation, the harassment, and that I was NOT the OpProsecute crap you convinced a lot of other ignorant fools that I was.

So that is the deal. I want the accounts (all of them) associated with MyBronyNinja to be exclusively and soley in my possession.

I am aware that you assisted with the DoXBiN page and that you also helped with content for ED. I am fully aware of ALL you have done. I have already issued sub. for all accounts with your IP address. How many accounts of a harassing nature will I find? How many other people have you harassed?

I am not demanding you get offline, or be arrested, like you brazen rediculous suggestions to me. I will however, absent a mutual agreement, pursue you as you did me until I get to write to your sentencing judge.

I want ALL the accounts that you used to harass me. I will know shortly which ones they are. I also want all communications you ever made about me to anyone. Emails etc. To/from you.

As you know by now, I have some powerful allies. If you would like, I can put you in touch with my New Orleans counsel who is retained to bring you to court. We are going to be filing one individual suit against each person who wrote a letter in the court nearest them all at the same time.

I want the accounts, activated so I can personally dismantle them. I also want all emails that mention me with full read headers regardless of who they are to or from.

I have a busy day today. Notaries, coping, mailing etc. but your message will come through on my phone. I hope you are amicable to this simple resolution of this matter in a non judicial manner.


———————————-My (JoJo’s) second reply, after stupid comment from stupid person on BVFiles———————–
 Dear Tara,
 I have made attempts at a non – judicial resolution to your defamation site MyBronyNinja. It has become clear that you passed those communications on. That is fine. Under LA law, I am only required to extend a non – judicial resolution once. In about 24 hours FedEx will be delivering you your first two lawsuits against you. You will get more as time goes on.

In addition to the lawsuits in LA, I will be meeting with your local Parrish Police and pressing charges against you for your false reports, perjury, defamation etc..

You can pass this email to Jason Leiderman, but I suspect that in about 24 hours he too will be busy with seperate lawsuits against him. Your “Anonymous” days are over. I am going to keep your page up on my site, and update it often.

Did I mention I was just approved for LexisNexis Accuient services / database? That’s an exclusive club and only about 500,000 people in the world have been approved. Care to guess why I was approved? Lawyers, investigators, cops, and even some Federal Agents get turned down on a regular basis. The entire application process takes about two months with the last three being character and integrity inquiry. I have had to submit letters of character, letters of intention, and have at least two accuient subscribers vouch for me. Once your approved and your fees are paid, NOTHING, can get you revoked. I am now collecting the $500 a month (paid in advance for a year at a time), so that I can start my search. I will dedicate my first search to you.

Now, as I was saying, in short order you will get a FedEx package of legal documents. A process server will follow. In that stack of about 200 pages is enough to cause you to spend the next 5 years being g sued by me. And my time is abundant. Believe that.

I offered, as I am required to do. You in turn gave my emails to some “Anonymous” scary guy (LOL) and thus I conclude you have no intention of a non – judicial resolution.

Watch the BVFiles these next 24 hours or so, I am betting that they will have a fun story that will interest you.

This is my final communication with you, and look forward to seeing you in Court for the next 5 years. I of course will be updating your site regularly.


PS. Kaplen Online University maintains that you were fired well before I left Leavenworth. The lies you tell are so funny, and easily checked. The Judge will have a nice bullet point of them, as you will see in about 24 hours.


——————————————–End of all communications.