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Joanne Joy first appeared prior to the 2008 election when it claimed to be a research group which included students from the University of Connecticut. This “group” claimed discovery of a document written by one of the Founding Fathers defining what was really meant by “Natural Born Citizen” in the Constitution in being eligible for the presidency.  Naturally this new definition would exclude Barack Obama …and John McCain. It was a variation on the Birther theme-though they eschewed the Birther label preferring to be called Constitutionalists.

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Zapem expected the historical revelation to be a major political scandal that would keep Obama and McCain out of the White House, perhaps paving the way for the Tea Party. Her project was a big FAIL but she kept beating that dead horse until the Beandogs came along.

In 2010, there was a group of trolls loosely organized into what they called the Super Troll Crew. Using the Twitter hashtag #STC, they trolled Conservatives on Twitter. They especially enjoyed trolling Greg W. Howard.

Note the date of the tweet: January 22, 2010

After about 10 months the Super Troll Crew changed their name to the BeanDogs, inspired by the popular Japanese Mameshiba.  Membership in the group increased as did the trolling.

A twitter account by the name of @oxyconservative created a website called and it posted, obviously, vile tweets made by Conservatives. But there’s no indication that the beandogs had anything to do with VileTweets. They were two separate activities by different people.

Sometime in early September, 2010, Neal Rauhauser noticed the BeanDogs and started interacting with them but once again, there’s no indication that he was a BeanDog or their leader. Neal attempted to start something similar to but Neal is cheap so he used He was also busy with his political social media company called Progressive PST and a news service called Progressive Congress News. Neal had a lot on his plate yet on September 10th, Zapem posted a video on the internet called Twittergate “exposing” Neal as the leader of the Bean Dogs. Supposedly she’d alerted the media and was expecting it to be a huge political scandal. It wasn’t. It was another FAIL.

I’d like to see Neal spend less time on the internet and more time in jail but I haven’t found any indication Neal was involved with the Bean Dogs prior to September. I’ve asked for proof from his accusers that Rauhauser was trolling with the Bean Dogs but didn’t get any. It’s extremely unlikely the Bean Dogs had a leader and harder to believe that they would make Neal Rauhauser that leader in the two weeks he interacted with them.