Join The JoJo Jail Pool! When Will JoJo Camp Get Arrested?

In case you aren’t familiar with Joseph “JoJo” Camp, he pled guilty to hacking the University of Central Missouri’s computer network about four years ago. The Federal investigation found that he and his partner conspired and created a virus enabling them to steal the personal information of 90,000 faculty, staff, alumni and students. JoJo and friend also changed grades and transferred money from the university into their personal accounts.

JoJo was recorded boasting that “the cops were dumb to bust us so quick” and “if they knew the scope of this, they would have involved the feds.”

JoJo also admitted he obtained access (hacked) to the affidavit used in support of a search warrant on his campus dorm room. He used the information in that affidavit to make posts on Facebook to make threats and harass potential witnesses.

JoJo was arrested when he tried to sell the stolen 90,000 university identities for $35,000 to an undercover agent in New York. His sentence of 3 years in prison and payment of $61,500 in restitution was the result of a plea bargain that he was extraordinarily lucky to get. JoJo served time in prison and was then put on a year long supervised release. Being JoJo, he violated the supervised release and ended back in prison to finish the last couple months of his sentence.

JoJo’s only been out of prison a couple of months but once again he’s violated restraining orders filed against him by women he’s harassed. He tried to file a defamation lawsuit against James McGibney (Bullyville) and Jay Leiderman which didn’t go well at all. 

JoJo claims to be homeless but said he recently paid a lawyer a $10,000 retainer to represent him.

Despite being homeless, JoJo manages to get on teh Twitters to harass, mock and make a general ass out of himself. He seems destined to spend more time in jail.

Jay Leiderman has a little pool going where you can guess when Mr Camp will get arrested. Clicking on The JoJo Jail Pool link below will open Jay Leiderman’s website in a new browser where you can enter the date you think JoJo’s next arrest will happen.

 The JoJo Jail Pool