JoJo Gets Spanked…A Few Times

JoJo has not yet grasped that the average judge has had a lot of experience with people who lie and try to pull a fast one on the court.

JoJo, who pleaded guilty to hacking, spent 3 years in prison, claimed he was forced to confess and spent several years in solitary confinement for “no reason, who has been out of prison for only a couple of months yet has several Temporary Restraining Orders against him that he violates on a daily basis, tried to file a defamation lawsuit against James McGibney and Jason Leiderman. He thinks they’re the reason he can’t get a job.

On December 10th, JoJo claimed he’d retained the best law firm in New York to represent him and paid a $10,000 retainer. On December 12th he claimed to be homeless.

This isn’t the first time JoJo has claimed that other people have caused him to be homeless, jobless and without food. Not the first time he’s expected other people to come to his rescue either.

Time to grow up JoJo, you’re not in Kansas City anymore.