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Thomas Retzlaff And His Stolen Valor

The screen captures below show some of the tracks across the internet left by Thomas Retzlaff and in particular Retlaff’s Stolen Valor. Stolen Valor is a crime, it occurs when someone falsely claims to have received certain military decorations with the intention of trying to get money, property, or other tangible benefits. The specific medals are Medal of Honor, Distinguished

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JoJo Camp Banned From Scribd

JoJo was banned from Scribd for posting threats and documents intended to harass several people he doesn’t like.JoJo just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t occur to him that when he doesn’t take his medication the schizophrenia kicks in and warps his reality. So he believes he’s being censored and bullied… as he continues to make threats. Dear Jason (Scribd Support)

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Serial Stalker Retzlaff Gives Up In Bullyville Lawsuit

From Retzlaff Files After over 1000 violations of the restraining order against Thomas Retzlaff, the judge in the California Bullyville (ViaView) lawsuit ordered Retzlaff to appear in court. A court appearance would have ended up in lots of jail time (5 days per violation), so Tommy decided he didn’t want to play anymore. He called the California court on Monday

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Another Zephyr Meltdown

I’m not sure if this was Joanne or Jeffrey Joy behind the locked Zephyr5 Twitter account, the drunken rambling and baseless accusations makes me think it’s probably Joanne aka Zapem.I wasn’t aware there was a Killthecops hashtag nor do I know of any accounts that use them. I checked the hashtag, it hasn’t been tweeted since Jan 9th. I’m not

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