Serial Stalker Retzlaff Gives Up In Bullyville Lawsuit

From Retzlaff Files

After over 1000 violations of the restraining order against Thomas Retzlaff, the judge in the California Bullyville (ViaView) lawsuit ordered Retzlaff to appear in court.

A court appearance would have ended up in lots of jail time (5 days per violation), so Tommy decided he didn’t want to play anymore. He called the California court on Monday and said “I’m not going to show up and you can’t make me, you can’t make me, you can’t make me!”

Expect a bench warrant to be issued for Thomas Retzlaff in the next month or so.

The documents below are courtesy court filings

Note once again that Tommy thinks he’s part of the Texas lawsuit with Neal Rauhauser and lawyer Jeffrey Dorrell. He’s not, unless Neal and Jeffrey have cut him in on another chunk of that imaginary settlement Neal thinks he’s going to get?