JoJo Camp Banned From Scribd

JoJo was banned from Scribd for posting threats and documents intended to harass several people he doesn’t like.

JoJo just doesn’t get it. It doesn’t occur to him that when he doesn’t take his medication the schizophrenia kicks in and warps his reality. So he believes he’s being censored and bullied… as he continues to make threats.

Dear Jason (Scribd Support)

The account that you attribute to me is not my account. Your willy-nilly censorship is sickening to me.

I wouldn’t use your platform ever again. I think that the individual who posted whatever material that you are referring to is going to be upset that Scribd is chilling their speech.

As I have said, I have found another location to host my material. I have no desire to use Scribd or any other services that you offer again. Censorship of legitimate public concern is something that I will not tolerate.

That being said, do you really think that you could stop me from continuing to post on your site if I REALLY WANTED TO? SERIOUSLY? Do you really think that you could stop me from littering your whole stupid hosting site with so much garbage that you will NEVER find it all, even with your copyright and forbidden content censors? IP Restrictions? Seriously?

Your services and it’s chilling of speech, that is carrying over now to others who are completely unconnected to me, is disgusting and appalling to me.

Your arbitrary enforcement of your own policies and the like is appalling. Allowing for the comericial hate speech of REVENGE PORN, but censoring anyone who opposing them -using me as the fall guy- is yet more examples of why I would never use your stupid worthless services. Trust me when I say I will not be using your services again. I will also encourage others not to as well.

In addition, Mr. Bentley, you just bought yourself a subpoena into MY federal and state cases! Along with a copy of your logs, your emails, and your complaints. Since I am NOT the creator of the account that you cite as mine, I am EXTREMELY PISSED OFF, and now know that your services lack the techniogical abilities to do something like LOOK ON TWITTER to see that there is a matching Twitter account that was created while I was in FEDERAL PRISON on the MAXIMUM SECURITY UNIT of LEAVENWORTH CCA./USP for FEDERAL COMPUTER HACKING CHARGES.

I am sure that Scribd’s legal department is going to love the legal mess that you just brought them with you accusations that I am responsible for someone else’s content! I personally like to make sure that I get LOTS AND LOTS OF ATTENTION to social issues like censorship. I like to make sure that executives, sponsors, endorsers, investors and the like are made aware of what all sides of what they are involved with.


Joseph A. Camp

PS. There are soooooo many people with copies of material that I am willing to bet that it goes RIGHT THE FUCK BACK UP!!! I am also willing to bet that Scribd is going to be the subject of a MAJOR boycott campaign. I am pretty good at getting attention.

Please don’t litter my inbox with your suppression of first amendment speech and uninvited hogwash and trash. I am appalled at YOUR SPEECH and in am now making it clear that you are not to email me, under ANY NAME any more.

  1. PSS. How about suspended that account that is in EXACTLY THE SAME VIOLATION of the policies that you say that I violated!
  2. PSSS. You suck at your job, and are a failure in life and at work. $50 says that the restricted content is back up, through no action of my own, in less than an hour. I am NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN’T AGREE WITH REVENGE PORN and it’s stupid fake employees.
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  12. >   As we have made clear, you have been banned from Scribd. You may not post content on the site in any account or under any name. The “valiant2honor” account has been removed.
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