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Craig Brittain, Revenge Porn Operator and Hemorrhoid, July 2014

The conversation below starts out talking about Chance Trahan, one of the operators of the Revenge Porn Site IsAnybodyDown, the other operator Craig Brittain sticks his two cents in.Craig was back in the news recently attempting to have pictures of himself on the internet removed because they were being used without his permission. Seriously.   Using Craig’s pictures to report

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EmeraldCityJaz and AdlerExposed Conversation; April 2014

These tweets are from April 2014. Both @AdlerExposed and @EmeraldCityJaz have been suspended since then. qaster Scammer Man @AdlerExposed ・21 Apr 2014 @EmeraldCityJaz Why does James McGibney make fun of people with no upper teeth when he has dentures? Reply“RetweetFavorite qaster Survivor @EmeraldCityJaz ・21 Apr 2014 @AdlerExposed Why does he attack, exploit and threaten rape victims while claiming that he’s their “protector.” Is a puzzlement! Reply“RetweetFavorite

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PMK Visits Houston

After a long conversation with Neal Rauhauser (found here in RealityForger‘s timeline), PMK1_ aka Pimp My Kids has arrived in Houston, coincidentally where Neal’s lawyer resides. <div class="simple-tweet tweet js-stream-tweet js-actionable-tweet js-profile-popup-actionable has-cards has-native-media ancestor hidden-ancestor " data-card-type="photo" data-component-context="conversation" data-disclosure-type="" data-expanded-footer=" 12:16 PM – 28 Feb 2015 · Details ” data-has-cards=”true” data-has-native-media=”true” data-item-id=”571720640056721408″ data-name=”WHERE’S MY KATIE?!” data-screen-name=”PMK1_” data-tweet-id=”571720640056721408″ data-user-id=”2964806339″ data-you-block=”false”

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3000 Tweets By Neal Rauhauser As RealityForger: Jan-Feb 2015

UPDATE: This post was originally posted February 28th. It’s being reposted in light of the recent developments with GAW Miners, Paycoin and Josh Garza. Neal locked his RealityForger timeline on February 25th. Since then he’s deleted his tweets and even his avatar.The tweets below are from February 24th and go back in time to New Years Eve. They include a wide

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Neal as RealityForger, November, 2014

These tweets are from November, 2014. Neal is currently using @RealityForger as his Twitter account.  @AllSquareCat @Tenacitor9000 @OsborneInk @UnitePink @AuntieTroll You are a bad kitty, Ms. Soft Paws Sat Nov 29 19:54:46 +0000 2014 RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Just a reminder this happened. It will never un-happen. Sat Nov 29 19:25:56 +0000 2014 @Tenacitor9000 @AllSquareCat @UnitePink @AuntieTroll Are there

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