91st Restraining Order Violation By Stalker Tom Retzlaff

On July 29th, 2014, convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff was served with a permanent restraining order and told to leave protected party Brittany Retzlaff alone. 

He has violated that restraining order 91 times and continues to make threats. 

In this email Retzlaff also states that he is “partners” with Neal Rauhauser and Neal’s lawyer, Jeffrey Dorrell, in the Texas lawsuit. Retzlaff is not a party to that suit though it had been suspected that there was some money motivated collusion going on between the three of them.

Also, admidst the racial epithets, Retlaff threatens to file lawsuits against his daughter’s friends.

Retzlaff had his parental rights terminated 15 years ago, he just won’t let go.