Retzlaff Lies To The State Of California And Gets Caught

This comes to us via Bullyville.
Thomas Retzlaff tried to file a claim in California on behalf of his daughter against ViaView. The State of California didn’t buy his claim. His daughter didn’t either since she didn’t ask him to do it and she has a restraining order against him.
Retzlaff tries very hard to be crafty but people aren’t as stupid as he thinks they are.

On November 26, 2014, Thomas Retzlaff impersonated his daughter, Brittany Retzlaff, and filed a false claim with the Labor Commissioner in the State of California. Retzlaff’s impersonation of his daughter likely violated at least three California criminal statutes: Penal Code §§ 132, 134, and 118(a). The claim was dismissed by the Labor Commissioner on December 19th, 2014.