Neal Just Can’t Hold A Job

Neal Rauhauser managed to get a job writing for CryptoCoinsNews and was fired after less than two months. 

The surprise here isn’t that Neal was fired but that CCN hired him in the first place. Obviously CCN is Google challenged, a couple minutes on a search engine would have clued him into the assorted warrants for Neal’s arrest, his court case in TX-which is NOT over despite Neal’s claim of a “precedent setting” First Amendment victory-and of course Neal’s chronic status as a deadbeat dad. 

CoinFireBlog was the first news source online to report an SEC investigation of GAW Miners which got their website DDoSed and hacked as well as their Twitter account hacked. This was certainly a case of shooting the messenger since there definitely is an ongoing SEC investigation into GAW Miners. An investigation doesn’t imply GAW is guilty of anything and CoinFireBlog has the First Amendment Right to report information of public concern. The hacking of CornFireBlog for reporting news is certainly odd if not outright suspicious.

Ironically, the All Knowing Neal decided the hacking of CoinFireBlog was faked in an effort to further smear GAW. Think about that…Rauhauser accusing an online news magazine of trying to smear a business being investigated by the SEC.  

The willingness of the online community to indulge Rauhauser and grant him any credibility whatsoever continues to astonish me. 

Here’s a bit of the feud in a Chirpstory by Neal as RealityForger. The thread on mentioned in tweet 4 was started by Neal…that’s what got him fired.

Another @CoinFireBlog smear of @gawceo?

Today’s ‘intrusion’ into @CoinFireBlog Twitter and the ‘theft’ of their domain MIGHT be another smear aimed at @gawceo. We’re watching this situation carefully …
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