CryptoCurrency Conflict of Interest; BadBitCoinOrg Betrays Trust

There have been quite a few allegations agains cryptocoin company GAW Miners and as of February 5th GAW has been under investigation by the SEC. The investigation may exonerate GAW of any improprieties but until that happens it is extraordinarily unethical for Badbitcoinorg to be declaring that allegations are false.  And childish for it to block anyone who asks questions.

Badbitcoin.Org is a public service website that warns investors of scammers and ponzi schemes but it’s also an investor in the company, GAW Miners, and owns GAW cryptocurrency XPY. This is a flagrant conflict of interest, particularly when the Twitter account operator is anonymous as are the operators of the website. 

BadBitCoinOrg has a misunderstanding on what transparency means. They disclose their investment in GAW on their website but only if you scroll down to the bottom of their home page. When it comes to offering investment advice, credibility and public trust are vital.  By dismissing allegations as “attacks” and blocking anyone who asks questions BadBitCoinOrg has lost credibility and violated public trust.

The following is a conversation with BadBitCoinOrg that took place on March 6th after which it to blocked me.  Mar 6

If you wnat to get #xpy #paycoin you’d better do it now. The allegations against #GAW are now disproven and this coin is rising rapidly.

Ohai @Badbitcoinorg could you provide links to where the allegations have been disproven?

@ZiLeOHai No point. The debate is closed and I won’t enter into it any more with anybody. If you hate XPY don’t get any and stay quiet.

But @Badbitcoinorg it’s not a debate. Show proof of STFU. Don’t you have a conflict of interest being a friend of Neal Rauhauser?

How can you @Badbitcoinorg in good conscience claim allegations are disproven then urge purchase of coins? That’s unethical if not illegal

BTW @Badbitcoinorg don’t you also run the @cryptostorm_is account?

Well @Badbitcoinorg obviously you aren’t as definitive a resource as you claim. Nor an impartial one. You’re invested with GAW?

@ZiLeOHai I make that clear on our mainpage if you bothered to look. I chose to invest in XPY beause it is not a scam – it is the future.
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@ZiLeOHai OK. I said debate over – you now misquote me and insult me. You are among the blocked list now. Goobye.

@Badbitcoinorg Didn’t need to look, I guessed based on your obvious bias. Still waiting for links proving SEC investigation is over…

Let me guess @Badbitcoinorg you deny SEC investigation, promote GAW to get XPY price up, then you sell out before SEC closes them down

Oh my goodness @Badbitcoinorg you have blocked me for questioning your motivation in denying the SEC investigation? #PotatoCoins

How did I misquote you @Badbitcoinorg? You said “allegations against #GAW are disproven” but you can’t provide links that verify

@ZiLeOHai – it’s a widely known faux-secret that @cryptostorm_is is mostly helmed by one of @df_cryptostorm‘s most puerile IRC bots. 😉

@cryptostorm_is @df_cryptostorm Well that would certainly be an improvement over Doug Spinks

Ah @Badbitcoinorg I found the statement of interest, you invested in XPY AND GAW. Definite conflict of interest

@ZiLeOHai – we were going to save it for the big reveal, but…

@cryptostorm_is *is* Iron Man

Also Aquaman, but only on weekends 😉

@cryptostorm_is That’s great! But I’ll still be keeping my dog locked inside the house. I’m just a zoophobe I guess.