Neal Rauhauser And His CryptoCoin Conflict Of Interest

Below is an interesting post on hashtalk by Neal Rauhauser. He did some work for Doug Spinks and was paid in tokens which he offers to sell for GAW Miner’s XPY. Neal gives his chat location as #badbitcoin. Is anyone still surprised he was fired by CryptoCoinsNews?

 “You can find me (RealityForger) in #badbitcoin on if you’d like to make a purchase.”   -Neal Rauhauser
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Zero Customer Knowledge VPN – one year for 3 XPY

There are a lot of VPN providers out there. There are a bunch of scammy “VPN comparison” sites out there that either get paid or shake down small providers. The larger providers often have white label OEM agreements – you can be your own provider using PureVPN to do the work and keep between 30% – 50% of the revenue.
All of those providers SAY they don’t log, but when it comes down to it you’ve paid with credit card, you have an account with them that requires an email address, and they’ll comply with a request from law enforcement for information on what you do on the internet.
The only exception to this is Cryptostorm, the group that pioneered the Zero Customer Knowledge VPN concept, which I wrote up for CryptoCoinsNews a few weeks ago.
Simply put, Cryptostorm is an OpenVPN service provider that sells their service via tokens, which look a bit like crypto coins. They load the SHA512 hash of the tokens into their authentication system, you hash your token when you get it, and then it’s pretty much impossible to connect a user back to the purchaser of the token.
Cryptostorm recently released Torstorm, a Tor gateway built into their network, which permits you to access onion addresses just like a regular internet site. Using a VPN provider prior to getting on Tor is a proven method to prevent being traced to your home address even if you do hit a bad site, Cryptostorm is pushing that safety a little bit further.
One of the consulting jobs I did this month paid me twenty annual Cryptostorm tokens for the work I did. I’ve used a few myself, hooked up a few friends, and now I’m going to sell the ten that I have left.
Annual tokens normally sell for $64. I’m pretty confident the honors program is going to kick in next month, so I’m willing to sell the ten I have for 3 XPY each.
You can find me (RealityForger) in #badbitcoin on if you’d like to make a purchase.