More of Thomas Retzlaff as Molly Santucci Dec19th 2012

Retzlaff enjoys any kind of attention he can get. He particularly seems to get turned on when he upsets someone.

Serious about what? being offensive is not against the law.

You are inciting a panic by your words. I have told the police and they will come and arrest you.

I guess you also think that the Westbrough Baptist church memebrs should also all be locked up. And how about the NAACP and GLADD marchers? And maybe the Klan, too. Lock them all up cuz we don’t like what they have to say.
I totally agree with what the kid had to say and I totally agree with this god given right to say it.

    I am also very happy that someone shot up all those kids, too. Good for the shooter, he is my hero!!!!!

      I completely agree with what the kid had to say. Come lock me up, too! I want to get my big check from when I and the ACLU sues the Median cops into bankruptcy on account of their free speech violations!
      I am offended and I want someone locked up because of it!!!

      But is it right to use the power of the State to lock up those whom we think are fools?

      That police chief here is a big douche bag and has no business being in law enforcement. Unlike what that stupid cops says, this guy did not commit the equivalent of hollering ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theature. This seems more like the modern day equivalent of saying, “Good, I’m glad it burned down”, after the fire.
      This is America – you have a God given right to be offensive and stupid. The US Supreme Court said so when they allowed the Westbrough Baptist church to do their thing. And now that “church” is protesting at the kids’ funerals.
      many thanks for all the stupid cops in Medina for screwing us tax payers out of our money on account of the huge lawsuit this guy and the ACLU will win.

      So you get to be the decider on what is a church and what isn’t, eh? And you get to decide what is hate and what isn’t, eh? Glad I don’t live in your country. I live in America, the land of the free.

        But it is not criminal, Robin. That is the point.

          To all you idiots who have a problem with what this kid said – It is not the job of law enforcement to protect everyone from all the jerks and unpleasantries in life. This is America – you have a god given right to offend people!

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          • You might want to go back and check again.

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              • 33, and like I said, Texas is already well-informed. But sure, keep saying whatever you like. XD

                What happened to your writing style, by the way? Seems to have changed dramatically. Someone smack you over the head a little too hard or something?

              • And what do you expect the AG to do about this? They investigate consumer fraud, child support, business scams, and major crimes that involve the state of Texas or its governmental entities. Oh, and they investigate child molesters like you.

              • Hey, the IP address seems to change with the typing style. Guess they were right after all.

                Listen, I’ve work to do, so I’m going to have to leave all of you running this one troll account to your own devices for a while. I’m sure you can handle yourselves. XD

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                • I know the therapist told you that these writing exercises might help you come to terms with your lecherous past, but if I were you I’d consider proper identifiers. Makes ya look kinda silly otherwise.

                  Actually, do you know those terms? “lecherous” and “proper identifiers”? I just realized with whom I was conversing. XD
              • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Free Speech is one of those rights endowed to us by our Creator; thus, the right to offend is a God-given right.

              • Wow. You’re as bad at political science as you are at law.

                The First Amendment was not written by God Himself. So, no – the right to freedom of speech is most certainly not “endowed to us by our Creator”. You MIGHT have a claim if such words can be found in the Bible, but they can’t.

                Further, hate speech is not protected free speech. An ACLU intern, as you allege you are (which I strongly doubt and will be checking Monday as part of an article I’m writing on online anonymity), should know the difference rather intimately.

                But you don’t seem to have the first clue. Interesting.

                • What a low-life scum bag u are, Brian hate speech is most certainly protected under the Constitution. See R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul, 505 U.S. 377 (1992). Ur a piece of garbage who likes to stalk little girls.

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                • Hate speech is far different from falsely accusing someone of a Federal crime.

                  If I were you, I’d stop replying. Now. Anything further will be simply forwarded to the Texas State Attorney General.

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                  • To Whom It May Concern:

                    My name is Brian Paone, and I am a 33-year-old resident of the State of Tennessee. I am writing to you today to file a complaint against an individual who alleges to live in Texas and is falsely saying I have attempted to solicit her (a minor child by her claims) for sexual intercourse.

                    I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse myself. From the ages of 4 to 7 I was molested regularly by a male babysitter and friend of the family. Under normal circumstances, any law-abiding citizen in their right minds would be horrified to be accused of such a thing. In MY case, it’s exceptionally distressing as a result of my past.

                    I have enclosed a screen capture of the accusation as well as a link to the conversation in question. Kindly inform me as soon as possible as to what I have to do in order to get my name cleared and a proper written apology issued by the accuser (if they do, in fact, live in your state – we all know how the internet is). Please know that I consider my reputation to be my most valuable possession and I am willing to go to great lengths to ensure it remains spotless.

                    Thank you very much for your time, but more importantly, thank you very much in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

                    Regards –

                    Brian Paone

                    Knoxville, TN

                    CC: State of Tennessee Attorney General

                  • Too bad u didn’t go to great lengths to protect ur booty, which i would think would be more valuable then ur reputation.

                  • Prove it or I’m filing a complaint with the Texas State Attorney General. That is MONSTROUSLY over the line to accuse someone of something like that. You’re accusing me of a Federal offense here.

                    I’d prove it if I were you. Screencapped.

                  • thx for the lulz. ur a loser and a molester.
                    • Wow. I am not sure why Brian is wasting his time on you. I must say, that from reading the comments here, I have come to believe that Molly is very uneducated and there is absolutely no way she can be an intern for the ACLU based on her language, grammar, etc. So, stop trying to fool everyone. Anyone with even a middle school education can tell you are lying. If I am by chance incorrect, and you are indeed employed by ACLU, they should fire your ass immediately and have just cause to do so. Also, you really should watch what you are saying about other people on here, as you could easily be sued for slander. In fact, I recommend that Brian sue you for slander immediately. You can’t just go around saying untrue things like that about people. While speech is protected to some extent by the law, the citizens of this country are also protected against having lies told aobut them in public, which the internet is. Maybe you should take some law classes before you start spewing things on the internet and especially before you start thinking that you know and can defend the law!

                  Medina Police Lt. Dave Birkbichler is a filthy little pig. i totally support the Sand Hook shooter, too!!!

                  Poor, poor piggy Birchbichler – the Ohio ACLU has now stepped into the case. MPD – fail. FYI – I support the gunman, too!! Hooray for the Sandhook gunman! Hooray!!!! MPD is pwned.

                    “If he is serious, then yes, lock him up.” Serious about what? Serious about expressing his opinion? Being offensive is not illegal.