CattyIdiot And Neal Rauhauser Conversation; Dec 10th, 2014

This conversation between CattyIdiot and Neal Rauhauser took place on December 10th, 2014. It was posted on pastebin by Neal and then deleted.

My favorite quotes here from Neal: “it’s just funny that some obsessive nutter is so obsessive she actually gets in legal trouble.”

and this one: “It seems McGibney is losing it to the point he is lurking around the home of Denise Hollas, and he’s been photographed doing so.”

(10:31:45 AM) Attempting to start a private conversation with…

[Image] (10:31:56 AM) Private conversation with started.  Your client is not logging this conversation.

(10:32:27 AM) Still managing to duck animal control, eh?

(10:34:23 AM) its really not so hard when no one has a fucking clue who you are.

(10:43:15 AM) So, was that all?

(10:46:24 AM) Sorry, morning, making breakfast for the kids.

(10:46:40 AM) So I have been taking stock and it’s pretty funny.

(10:46:52 AM) First, CJ gets at least one police visit, maybe more than one.

(10:46:54 AM) Oh, kids. Right.

(10:46:59 AM) Btw…

(10:47:16 AM) Tell Chet I said “Good Morning”

(10:47:19 AM) Then Jojo gets some warrants? I’m not clear on that, it was just pointed out to me this morning.

(10:48:05 AM) Then I get this call from Ventura PD, all about Jojo and Jay and which of them has been a bigger nuisance.

(10:48:45 AM) And to top it off, this week I get a call from the attorney general’s office for my state, all about prosecuting folks involved in ID theft.

(10:49:10 AM) Uh huh.

(10:49:21 AM) And?

(10:49:35 AM) Did you tell Chet “good Morning” for me?

(10:49:59 AM) It’s just funny, all this sudden LE attention on what is really a bunch of drama llamas circle jerking on Twitter.

(10:50:20 AM) Clarify – you want me to text Chet and say “Good morning.” ??

(10:50:43 AM) Just turn to him and say “Good Morning” that’s all.

(10:51:01 AM) Now, moving along…

(10:51:40 AM) isn’t creating drama where it didn’t previously exist what you enjoy most about your twitter circle jerks?

(10:52:40 AM) And I do find it interesting that you cited all the examples you did and yet you did not include the very imminent LE scrutiny to be placed on your pal Tom.

(10:53:06 AM) That’s the one I think you should be most focused in on. Keeping your business partner out of legal jeopardy.

(10:53:22 AM) Actually, as we draw ever closer to the Texas appellate court giving me a document that’ll let me forcibly liquidate ViaView, I find that I’m more interested in drama llamas who have enough that it makes shearing them worthwhile.

(10:53:47 AM) Neal, let me ask you something…

(10:54:08 AM) I figure McGibney has a lose/lose situation – he can pay me, or I can go digging, and I’ll certainly share whatever I find with California AG & FBI.

(10:54:22 AM) Do you REALLY think that CJ is connected to ViaView and McGibney in ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM other than being mutual Twitter Follows?

(10:55:20 AM) And now you are repeating this mantra of yours which has no effect on me whatsoever. It’s BORING.

(10:55:46 AM) CJ is as she is, it’s just funny that some obsessive nutter is so obsessive she actually gets in legal trouble. That takes a *lot* of work.

(10:56:31 AM) The funniest part of all of it is the latest revelation.

(10:56:39 AM) Regarding CJ, he legal trouble is only for your efforts to confuse the Allen PD.

(10:56:50 AM) Which is?

(10:56:57 AM) And I want to see proof before I say anything in public, because it’s gonna make quite a stir.

(10:57:24 AM) It seems McGibney is losing it to the point he is lurking around the home of Denise Hollas, and he’s been photographed doing so.

(10:57:42 AM) The source of that news is usually reliable, but I want to see the footage for myself.


(10:58:04 AM) The source?

(10:58:31 AM) Tom’s mind?

(10:58:35 AM) This is so incredibly simple.

(10:58:43 AM) Either such footage exists, or it does not.

(10:59:12 AM) IF he had ANY footage of the sort it would have been on the blog 8 days ago with its own headline and some fantasy LE story.

(10:59:40 AM) I didn’t mention December 2nd, yet you already knew. Interesting.

(11:00:01 AM) December 2nd is PUBLIC INFORMATION dumby.

(11:00:55 AM) Well that’s nice. Like I said, I don’t pay such close attention any more, someone felt the need to email me about it this morning.

(11:01:00 AM) December 2nd was public info for weeks before … Tom mentioned it on the blog, McGibney DM’d it to trusted people.

(11:02:13 AM) Feel free to forward that email. I’d be happy to review its contents for accuracy and dispel any myths that he is attempting to disseminate.

(11:02:57 AM) December 2nd was eight days ago. How could that have been public info for weeks before?

(11:03:14 AM) I don’t get it, but I don’t care all that much. Either footage exists, or it doesn’t.

(11:04:04 AM) You don’t get what? Didn’t that “person” in the email explain what transpired on December 2nd?

(11:04:30 AM) I just heard there was footage of McGibney creeping up on Denise Hollas’s house.

(11:04:31 AM) Neal, you disappoint me. You are normally so thorough with your fact gathering. Clearly you are losing your edge and slipping a little.

(11:05:31 AM) Not losing my edge so much as losing interest. The Texas court will decide in my favor, McGibney/ViaView will instantly collapse, or he will stir up the $25k or so it’ll take to go to the Texas Supreme Court, and that will delay us into first quarter of 2015.

(11:06:11 AM) That “person” in that email is probably a little nervous about a pair of new investigations that are focusing on him.

(11:08:07 AM) Kids are out the door, I gotta deal /w dishes before I have a counter avalanche. I’ll be back in 15 – 20 minutes.

(11:08:09 AM) I mean if the State starts peering into how it is that “person” is paying for lawyers and cars and plane tickets and the like, and he loses his WELFARE benefits, then… that my a bit of an ongoing liability for him.

(11:08:31 AM) Make that phone call, Neal. I’ll be here.

(11:24:27 AM) It’s not my year to watch Tom, nor was 2013, and I probably won’t pull that duty in 2015 either. Just because McFibney blithered all over a bunch of court docs does not mean that even a shred of that stuff is true 🙂

(11:25:43 AM) There are some Texas mysteries I wish I knew more about, as they do seem interesting. The Klein suit, obviously, I wonder what is happening there. Last I knew it was all sealed, to put a lid on the witness intimidation games. Since it’s sealed it deprives John & Phil of any cover they might get claiming the Internet did it.