CattyIdiot and Neal Rauhauser Conversation; Dec 13, 2014

Another IRC conversation between CattyIdiot and Neal Rauhuaser. This took place on December 13th, 2014. It was posted on pastebin by Neal and then deleted.

(06:43:35 PM) Attempting to start a private conversation with…

[Image] (06:43:36 PM) Private conversation with started.  Your client is not logging this conversation.

(06:43:51 PM) This is so cool.

(06:43:52 PM)

(06:44:00 PM) I got on Justia whipping McGibney’s ass 🙂

(06:44:15 PM) 🙂

(06:44:18 PM) Now…

(06:44:27 PM) I am curious…

(06:44:32 PM) Please explain to me…

(06:44:35 PM) in real terms…

(06:44:40 PM) not your hyperbole…

(06:44:43 PM) how that …

(06:44:52 PM) constitutes…

(06:44:53 PM) an

(06:44:58 PM) “ass whipping”

(06:46:26 PM) $135k in legal fees, $1M sanction on the table, back to judge Cosby we go 🙂

(06:46:52 PM) OK… well you couldn’t resist the hyperbole…

(06:49:59 PM) I’m thinking when it’s all said, you’ll still be getting a rather substantial statement of balance due from Dorrell

(06:50:30 PM) that is, of course, unless, there is very little legitimacy to the fees total in the first place… which…

(06:50:47 PM) is what virtually everyone but you, Tom and Dorrell think.

(06:52:14 PM) I’m talking other lawyers (not in Gianni’s firm) who have reached out to state how INSANE they think a figure anywhere above $50k is.

(06:52:38 PM) Ya know, cuz contingency and really… relatively speaking anyway… not a whole lot of work.

(06:53:08 PM) But I suspect it’ll be far below even that 50k figure.

(06:53:11 PM) But that’s just me.

(06:54:58 PM) as for sanctions, I obviously can’t imagine what Judge Crosby is thinking on that. I know if it were me, I’d look at the chronology of events and the facts of how your motion came to be, give you a dollar and tell you to never try that again in a court I preside over.

(06:55:53 PM) But I hear the Appellate Court decision is going to be appealed, so there’s that.

(07:22:48 PM) You don’t usually sound outright stupid, so what happened here?

(07:23:31 PM) I didn’t file the LOLSUIT, McGibney did. Cosby is directed by legislation to discourage such conduct with the courts.

(07:23:42 PM) So I am content to wait and see how it come sout.

(07:24:36 PM) I didn’t say I heard you were appealing it.

(07:28:00 PM) And if I’m McGibney, I’d appeal it too, if for no other reason than to put a stop to your buddies attempt at creating headlines for dumbass blog.

(07:31:16 PM) Remind me again… if McGibney gets jurisdiction on Retzlaff (and once his anti-SLAPP is swatted away AGAIN) you have no concerns about discovery in that case? Do I recall that correctly?

(07:32:02 PM) If Jojo and Tom both get in trouble that would actually be good for me.

(07:32:34 PM) Zero fucks on discovery, they are both people I would not have interacted with if it weren’t for McGibney’s dramawhoring.

(07:33:08 PM) OK…

(07:33:24 PM) but suppose I said I’ve seen something that suggests otherwise…

(07:33:43 PM) and its being sat on because there hasn’t the right opportunity to introduce it yet.

(07:36:00 PM) Jay will put this in another wordvomit filing that will be summarily ignored by the judge?

(07:37:03 PM) not sure who is going to use it or at which venue. depends on the way things move forward.

(07:53:08 PM) If James would have focused on Retzlaff from the start, and not famefagged and dick waved via court filings, he’d have something. It’s a bit late now.

(09:43:39 PM) Most of his focus has been on Retzlaff from my vantage point.

(09:56:45 PM) Nah, he uses Retzlaff’s ridiculous conduct, and tries to drag others into his shitshow.

(10:03:16 PM) Auntie Troll sends her regards.

(10:05:13 PM) I think Tom should probably go ahead and inject himself into your situation in Texas though. I think that works out best for all concerned.

(10:06:10 PM) Neal, I wasn’t involved in Fall 2013, but I saw it unfolding and you were squarely injected into the situation via your socks. You can deny that all you want to me, but I and others know better.

(10:06:39 PM) Basically, you are lucky to be escaping the way you are.

(10:09:44 PM) James has exhibited extraordinarily bad judgment regarding me.

(10:10:15 PM) Yeah, ya think? How so.

(10:10:23 PM) Some of that is simply his character – an egomanic with an inferiority complex.

(10:11:25 PM) No offense, but frankly, it sounds as if you are assessing yourself and projecting.

(10:11:55 PM) And the rest is just ridiculously bad intel, unable to figure out who is who, unable to determine what resources I have available.

(10:12:35 PM) Uh huh.

(10:19:20 PM) James didn’t make that I could afford Dorrell.

(10:19:31 PM) I think I already slipped that I’ve had CASP lined up in California.

(10:20:18 PM) What else has been missed?

(10:35:22 PM) James McGibney, you are a dumb nigger. You know how I can tell that you are a dumb nigger? Its because you haven’t heard that Paul Gianni got served Thursday afternoon and he is deeply afraid that Jimmy has no more money to continue the fight in Texas.

(10:35:45 PM) ^^^ a recent comment on ViaViewFiles

(10:36:10 PM) I sometimes pop in to see if anything is happening. Any idea what this is about?

(10:37:14 PM) I saw it and no. I do know that’s your buddy Tom. You should give him a call and ask for a clarification. Please let me know what he has to say.

(10:38:02 PM) TBH, it wouldn’t matter in the slightest if Tom did file something against Gianni, mainly because Tom can not file anything in Texas without approval first.

(10:38:57 PM) But that need for approval will not stop him from intervening in your case, which he repeatedly insists through multiple channels is HIS case.

(10:39:50 PM) Jeff and I have discussed that. It *is* a bother, this unwanted association.

(10:41:04 PM) I’m sure it is.

(10:41:47 PM) Unfortunately Jeff has prior history with retzlaff and you married yourself to him early in this process, so it’s going to very difficult to separate yourself from him now.

(10:42:26 PM) And impossible to do so if he files there. But he will and probably as soon as Monday the way he is talking.

(10:47:19 PM) Retzlaff has no history with Dorrell.

(10:47:59 PM) and unlike McGibney, who is a histrionic little twerp, when I get approached by someone I don’t care to have contact with I’m a trifle more judicious about how I handle myself.

(10:47:59 PM) Stating that disclaimer and making that disclaimer true are two different things entirely.

(10:49:53 PM) Judicious? You mean how you use TRAC Terrorism as a platform to intimidate and label people things that they are not?

(10:51:43 PM) TRAC has never hosted any information on McGibney, or you, or anyone else connected with McGibney’s cluster of LOLSUITs.

(10:52:21 PM) Ahh, that’s correct… but it does host info that you and Matt have posted about people which have no basis in truth.

(10:52:45 PM) You are grasping at straws in unfamiliar territory.

(10:53:33 PM) And that is the end of that 🙂 You don’t have the skill or the contacts to do anything there and I am not going to do anything to disturb your exquisite ignorance.

(10:53:35 PM) Actually, no. I’m not. What I’m doing is making the point that you hold yourself up as some arbiter of morality and civility, while criticizing McGibney of doing the same thing.

(10:55:17 PM) But the fact of the matter is, through my considerable contacts, I know you that are quite unhappy with how the Appellate Court ruled.

(10:57:45 PM) And through those same contacts I know that you grossly exaggerate your “access” to anyone of import or influence. So, I’d appreciate it if you save those games for the children you like terrorize on Twitter.

(11:00:40 PM) Clearly, I have limited access. Dorrell? A fluke, obviously, but such a terrible one for James.

(11:02:42 PM) Not really. I kinda like Dorrell’s tunnel vision. Makes it so easy to pick him apart at the seams.

(11:04:27 PM) Stated another way, he isn’t distracted by things like the side show in Arizona, he stays focused on the case.

(11:06:43 PM) I gotto run… major media is requesting comment. Do say hello again soon. Peace.