Disempowering Jen Emick, Deleted Rauhauser Blog Post, November 2012

Neal Rauhauser was a prolific blogger. This is one of several articles he posted on November 3rd, 2012.

Disempowering Jen Emick: Twitter Suspension

Free speech is a right, not a license to pretend you’re the Twitter equivalent of a Nigerian traffic cop, shaking down any traveler that crosses your path. The ToS is there for a reason and Emick is way out of line. I reported about fifty tweets mentioning me.

The Ypsilanti police departmentWashtenaw county sheriffMichigan State Police, and the FBI are NOT her personal army. I’ve visited with each over the last few weeks and Crazy Cat Lady Control is in effect.

Jen Emick will keep trolling; it’s the only lifestyle she knows. I’m cool with that, because her days of playing at being the chief of the cyberpolice are pretty well ruined.