Finndango The Troll, 2011

Tami Vaher…obviously lurking on Gosselin’s timeline so she can troll her fans. In this conversation she trolls 15 year old Emily and 16 year old Paige.

This dialogue took place in 2011 when Tami Vaher’s Twitter account was @ashymama2. Now she’s @Finndango and since Twitter name changes go retroactive you’ll see tweets TO @ashymama2 answered by @Finndango.

Emily ‏@emilykateplus8 9 Apr 2011

im #determined to get replies from @Kateplusmy8 [:

Kate GosselinVerified account‏@Kateplusmy8

@emilykateplus8 Hello Emily. Good to meet you… 🙂


@Paige_Kate8lvr @kateplusmy8 Kate, I would probably cry if I even talked to you. You have NO idea how inspiring you are to me. Your amazing.


@emilykateplus8 @Paige_Kate8lvr @kateplusmy8 Pathetic! She is amazing and inspires you? What a SAD SAD life!! Are you in a mental home?


@ashymama2 @emilykateplus8 @kateplusmy8 you have 0 followers .. Arnt u cool


@Paige_Kate8lvr @emilykateplus8 @kateplusmy8 Is that creeper Paige Babymama? I think so. What a loser.


@ashymama2 @emilykateplus8 @kateplusmy8 no im not baby mama & shes my friend so shut up.. Im 16 why r u hating on kids ?

3 thoughts on “Finndango The Troll, 2011

  1. #TamiVaher is quite the wildebeast. She attacks others constantly then wants to cry she's a victim. She lied when she said James McGibney hacked her. She lied when she said CaptO lost custody of his kids because of rape. She lied when she said CJ said her daughter had sex with donkeys. She lies about anything and everything to paint others as the bad guys and herself as the victim.

  2. Can I nominate Tami for a Fatty award? There is a reason that woman is so bitter and can't keep a husband. The ugly isn't just on the outside but the inside.

  3. At the time of the Tweet Tami had no followers? So she got on Twitter just to attack people who tweet Kate, including teens.Not so Innocent are you Tami?

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