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activist, researcher, performance artist, avant-garde theatre, court jester #Anonymous #OWS http://OccupySandy.net http://FindStevieBates.com

Now trending at number 2 in the United States is #OccupyGezi

Trending in the United States at number 2 was #MAM while #MarchAgainstMonsanto rose to number 5
Trending now in the United States at number 2 is #MAM while number 7 for #MarchAgainstMonsanto
Trending at number 3 in the United States is #Gitm0bama
Now trending in the United States at number 4 is #GTMO19
Now trending in the U.S. at #1 is #GTMO18 while #5 Worldwide.  #Anonymous

Did one of James O'Keefe's men help you set up @SenatorMenendez  ?  O'Keefe is also from New Jersey.  @TuckerCarlson @DailyCaller
@XCitizen10 @BrooksBayne  Is Stranahan making money off this tweet?  Is that a referral link?
Trending now #10 in U.S. is iPad.  Stories point to @Rabite 's sentencing today.  #Anonymous #AntSec #LulzSec
What a site on stage tonight at #BlogBash .  Racist drunk & Barrett Brown stalker @rsmccain won a blogging award.  #Anonymous #CPAC #CPAC2013
Keep up the good working, Fucking Bloggers!  @liberty_chick @ali
https://twitter.com/VictorB123/status/303329713319968769  @NealRauhauser @BreitbartUnmask @LiberalGrouch
@NealRauhauser  Our boy Seth is famous now.  LOL
@Bitchiest @swiftread  Here's one screencap where Zapem admits she went to Anonymous.  Who she despises.
The resemblence is uncanny.  #Dorner  #LAPD
iz stuck.  help meh ...
iz hiding from the law
watches while u sleeps


*shoveling through blizzard*
*dusts paws off*