EmeraldCityJazz, OccupyRebellion And Bullyville

EmeraldCityJazz is Lora Lusher, one of the more rabid Kate Gosselin Haters. Here ECJ retweets the notorious troll OccupyRebellion who is ranting about James McGibney aka Bullyville.

1 yr agoDoS PostEffect

RT @OccupyRebellion: Someone who makes his living destroying people’s lives with no proof is now blackmailing & extorting women on h …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Who would have thought Mr. “anti-bully” is KING of all bullies.But u dragged #Anonymous into a fed target based on …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: I don’t care about either of you but I care about the people who are gullible to believe your intentions. @Captien …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Now you’re claiming to be suing a group of women who don’t support your child abuser reality TV “star” friend.

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Rip up your troll card and hang your head in shame if you get bent out of shape suing people over what they say abo …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Some1 who claims was trained by the biggest trolls around, u sure do get thin-skinned when a group of women don’t l …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Especially “white knights” who speak on behalf of entire hive claiming a group of women pissed them off by not supp …

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: Be warned about “white knights” who swoop in trying to play “hero.” What are their real intentions?

1 yr agoDoS PostEffect

RT @OccupyRebellion: I’ll then hire a porn lawyer where he’ll be representing me in my case. “Free speech,” ya know.

1 yr ago

RT @OccupyRebellion: I’ll start a website where I allow people to attack others with no proof. Then I’ll turn around and sue everyone for …

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