EileenLeft and PoliticolNews Smear UniteBlue…Again; April, 2013

Canadian Conspiracy Theorist Teri Salvador aka PoliticolNews and Claudia Parks aka EileenLeft worked hard to smear UniteBlue. Along with Trina Cuppett they created elaborate, and way too many, conspiracy theories regarding UB that strained credulity.

When you twitter bomb against a Democrat, you twitter bomb against the Left. That’s Not Connecting The Left. cc @EileenLeft

    @Politicolnews wait…what? what happened now?

      8:42 PM – 3 Apr 2013

      “UNBLOCKED”>>>>@EileenLeft I’m not tolerating any BS on Twitter, either you with us or against us… @Politicolnews

         Politicolnews@Politicolnews Apr 3

        @EileenLeft Nothing happened Eileen, I just cc’d you to let you know that UniteBlue is twitterbombing the Left. It was just FYI. 🙂

          I cc’d Eileen so she can keep informed on what #UniteBlue is doing -twitterbombing. All is good with Eileen @HarveyLawson1 @EileenLeft

            @Politicolnews Proving once again who they ‘really’ are and who financially supports them…r.w. scammers

            @Politicolnews yeah, I realized what it was about after I’d sent you that reply, then went and read your page

            @EileenLeft Thanks for understanding, hope your son gets better. We’re on hair triggers here.

            @EileenLeft All GOP clients, Not One Democrat, and now Twitter Bombing the Left, says it all for me. #UniteBlue should be Suspended.

            Who are the twitter bombing? Or is that DM only. I dislike that stuff. @EileenLeft @politicolnews

            @Politicolnews wow, look at all the damage unite blue has done, stealing the acct and 6+k followers, then lies, lies, lies and division

            Via Emails, #UniteBlue is co-opting Candidate Colbert last nite, also asking for donations UB pockets, not Dems. @Insuremekevin @EileenLeft

            They used emails to co-opt a hashtag last nite, see my 3 pics, @Insuremekevin @EileenLeft

            #UniteBlue needs to register as Political Action Committee if they are going to solicit donations @Politicolnews @eileenleft

            @Insuremekevin #UniteBlue hasn’t complied with Twitter rules, #FTC rules, which makes them toxic to any political campaign.

            @Insuremekevin We haven’t even mentioned the Election Commission, which audits those who profit from election processes. But we’ll get there