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Patriots Discover Secret Obama Plan For Something

Pointing out their remarks are racist goes right over their heads. Trying to tell them how`stupid their conspiracy of the government taking over the country it already governs doesn’t work because they have all the details worked out. Incidentally, the statistics of White on White homicide and Black on Black homicide aren’t that far apart. The only thing relevant about race

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Josh Garza Says Good Bye.. For Now. #GarzaGate #Cryptocurrency

This message was left Thursday evening by MrCeo aka Josh Garza on his website, You’ll notice he makes absolutely no mention that he’s the subject of an SEC investigation. Or that the SEC investigation was made public at the same time he says the value of Paycoin started to drop. He also doesn’t mention reneging on payment for his million

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Neal Rauhauser Gives Garza Legal Advice And Gets Fired, January 20th, 2015

This comment on the now defunct website got Neal fired from CryptoCoinsNews. It just oozes with irony on so many levels.By now it’s become known that the Securities and Exchange Commission investigation is not only doing an investigation but there are allegations that several other federal agencies are involved.Neal’s wordpress has been locked up ever since he was fired.

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