ViaViewFiles Libel Blog Suspended, New One Pops Up

Update: It took nearly 5 days for Tommy to move to his “bigger and more professional” website but it’s finally up. It has one post. An old one he’s recycled. 
If you have experience with WordPress blogs maybe you could get ahold of Tommy and help him out? He’s having technical problems setting up his more professional blog, cuz you know, it’s WordPress. 

It took months and numerous complaints to WordPress by many people but Thomas Retzlaff’s libel blog, ViaViewFiles, has been suspended.  WordPress believes strongly in the First Amendment and are leery of suspending any of the millions of blogs they host, but they do have rules for their bloggers which ViaViewFiles violated regularly.

The suspension of ViaViewFiles is the third for Retzlaff, two previous blogs, BullyvilleFiles and McGibneyFiles were suspended for containing death threats. While it’s believed these blogs had more than one Administrator, Thomas Retzlaff definitely ran the show, writing the majority of the rambling articles as well as hundreds of comments for each post. WordPress has a rule about using their blog service for illegal purposes and Tommy made his illegal purpose quite clear:

Retzlaff is cocky and audacious because he thinks he’s invincible. He’s had years of experience with harassment both in real life and online. He was the defendant in a lawsuit in Texas for another harassment blogs he operated, Sam the Eagle. 

Retzlaff’s identity as the operator of this blog was a secret and the Texas Supreme Court upheld his first amendment right to blog anonymously. So Retzlaff has become pretty cocky and audacious in his libel and harassment efforts. 

However, times have changed in the past couple of years as more cases of online harassment have been brought before the courts. Hiding behind the first amendment to harass and defame isn’t so easy any more. 

Having a personality disorder but no job gives Retzlaff a lot of free time so he’ll probably stick his blog up someplace on the internet again. 

Actually, it IS his life. At least until June 1 when he’s supposed to show up in court in California before the judge who’s already issued a warrant on Retzlaff for contempt.

Tommy hates to lose….expect desperate tactics.