Harassment Blogs By Former Maryland District Attorney Taken Down

With the aid of a court order and collaboration between victims and members of Anonymous, numerous defamatory blogs belonging to a former Maryland District Attorney were shut down recently. 

The blogs, created by Marcie Sweren Wogan, made unfounded and often bizarre accusations of stalking, harassment and even murder against several individuals.  Using her former credentials to give credibility to her allegations, Wogan carried on harassment and defamation campaigns across the internet for years.

Wogan was a prosecutor in Carroll County and appointed a Deputy District Attorney in 1995. That same year her father, Edgar Sweren, was arrested for battery and attempted kidnapping involving a 15 year old girl. Though the judge found him not guilty, a civil suit was filed the next year. It’s alleged this led to Wogan’s leaving the District Attorney’s office and to no longer practice law. 

In recent years Wogan labeled herself a “lawyer on the internet for entertainment purposes only” writing articles for her blogs that a court of law determined in May were being used to intimidate and harass.

Ms Wogan could not be reached for comment.

One thought on “Harassment Blogs By Former Maryland District Attorney Taken Down

  1. No wonder why Marcie blatantly throws herself on men on the interwebz and proclaims they are all in love with her – Daddy issues!!!At least two of the blogs Marcie posted involved minor children – 6 and 7 years old. She threatened to post one child's school address, and pictures of the child at his home. The other child has been the subject of her scorn for 3 years via a blog named after this child. (What happened Marcie – did her Dad turn you down?) This coupled with her \”alleged\” Craigslist postings of other people's addresses for sex and her \”alleged\” drug seeking make her predatory and a danger to society. It is no wonder she has an affinity towards Jotato Camp and the felon crew.

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