Florida Rolls Out Red Carpet For Former Maryland District Attorney And Former Felon JoJo Camp

 There hasn’t been so much excitement in Florida since Princess Diana visited Disney World 20 years ago. Florida awaits the arrival of Joseph “JoJo Camp” and formerly beautiful Maryland Deputy District Attorney Marcie Wogan. Both are expected to hit the beach and see the numerous attractions Florida has to offer….

and of course Marcie and JoJo will be visiting a court room in Lee County. 

Marcie’s day in court is scheduled for June 16th. Her hearing will be a final judgement of injunction for protection against stalking.

JoJo’s court date is July 1st. Since Jotato already has an injunction against stalking this special appearance is an opportunity for him to Show Cause why he shouldn’t be cited for contempt of court for violating the injunction against stalking 500 times.

Eyes of the world will be upon Florida as Marcie and JoJo finally get what they deserve.