Former Deputy District Attorney Has All Teh Seekritz At ClownSec

Our Former Deputy District Attorney has officially come out of the closet. Marcie Wogan was suspected of working with Tom Retzlaff and Neal Rauhauser secretly not to mention helping JoJo Camp out financially. It is so nice to be informed on ClownSec’s ops.

Marcie rewrites her stalking history in these tweets. She had several libel blogs, one was in the name of the Davunt child who was 3 years old when the blog was first created and 6 years old when it was finally taken down in May. I don’t recall any mention of unpaid child support on those blogs.

Wogan’s 10 year online stalking history is catching up with her and she’s spinning the facts as fast as she can.

 2 hours agoJames McGibney is an evil liar multi multimillionaire. He extorts funds from innocent people from Cheaterville. He files for bankruptcy…

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoWhenever he is sued. Twice that I know of. He paid teams of hackers to obtain illegal information. Do NOT believe his lies! Bullyville has..

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoNEVER helped ANY bullied child, teen or disabled adult financially. Or by suing the bully. James McGibney keeps the $ for himself!!

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoBullyville was LAST of the “villes” until a week ago. If you follow James McGibney, ask him to prove who he has sent $ to help the bullied!

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoAsk him about his illegal hacker team. Ask him who is Bill & Sue Crabtree! Ask him why he sent info to Faux, who he now denounces!

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoAsk James McGibney @CheaterVille WHY he WAS Brandon King’s BFF & WHY they became enemies! Open your eyes, I did. He is a criminal.

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoIt is a LIE that Anonymous supports James McGibney. They are no one’s PERSONAL ARMY! Only his paid hackers were. The most respected have…

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoNEVER HEARD OF James McGibney. A press conference covered by RadaronLine ONLY tells you the world is not a supporter of his schemes!

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoJames McGibney whines about Neal R. never paying child support. Yet his latest promoter is Jodin Davunt DEADBEAT DAD! I used the names of..

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 2h2 hours agoOf his child & his ex-wife to try to draw attention to Jodin Davunt’s failure to pay alimony or child support. He even tried to start a…

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 1h1 hour agoA kickstarter to obtain funds FOR HIMSELF! Ask @MayraMM & Shelby about the TRUTH. They know Jodin isn’t a victim. He was PAID to harass..

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 1h1 hour agoA boy falsely accused of murder by CRAZY Toni Ingram. Dr. Phil has a segment where he tells the true story. I believe it is on Youtube.

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 1h1 hour agoMorgan Ingram was NOT murdered by anyone other than either her mother (who kept her medication) OR she hoarded it to kill herself to escape.

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 1h1 hour agoThe case was closed because the Sheriffs found NO EVIDENCE of CRAZY TONI INGRAMS’ CLAIMS. I will look for the youtube segment.

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 1h1 hour agoDr Phil Show-Morgan Ingram Mystery. PART 1 via @YouTube

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 59m59 minutes agoPost that was Dr. Phil’s show contains ALL parts! Watch it & learn the TRUTH!  @JD4Justice is now part of the evil of Priest & James McGibney

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 53m53 minutes agoI forgive Brandon King. He was also a victim of James McGibney @TheUmpireLestat I will help him prove the evil greedy monster that is James

Clown Sec Rising ‏@AnnaKarinin 48m48 minutes agoThere IS an active investigation by Law Enforcement of James McGibney.  Liar, thief & THE BIGGEST BULLY of all time! Did Brandon hack…

Don’t Potato ‏@ZiLeOHai 42m42 minutes agoOh my goodness Marcie @AnnaKarinin the holiday weekend is over, time to put down the bottle and sober up. @TheUmpireLestat

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