Kiss Your Hash Goodbye, GAW Miners Sold To BTC; Dec 10th, 2014

The investigation that began in January 2015 into Josh Garza and Gaw Miners by the Securities and Exchange Commission could take a year or two. Some of the information leaked from the investigation allege ponzi schemes, money laundering, dark money from black listed (terrorist) groups and more. There’s quite a list of possible crimes and several 3 letter federal organizations are said to now be involved.

Gaw Miners made headlines when Garza purchased the domain in August of 2014 for a million dollars. That makes the following document interesting. Below is the GAW Miners Limited Liability Company operating agreement which is required to create an LLC. The document is a standard LLC form, 14 pages long and boring but it was amended by Garza on December 10th, 2014. The interesting parts are found on the last two pages which I screen capped and put first. 

The cap with Garza’s signature shows he’s CEO of Business Technology for Cryptocurrency (BTC) and that BTC is the sole member of the limited liability company known as GAW Miners. The second cap shows that as of December 10th, BTC had 100% controlling interest in GAW Miners. Basically a token sale for $1,000.